Confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

#1. So today I had to go to Target for a couple things. When I was there it was SUPER smelly! That reminded me that I had to get air freshener. When I went to check out I was amazed that I had spent $20 on air freshener! So I said to the woman checking me out, "I can't believe I just spent $20 on air freshener!" finish sentence with a breath out of my nose laugh. INSERT SNOT BUBBLE!
What just happened to me? How do I cover this up? Am I a 3 year old crying with a green nose? NO! I am grown woman! Who just had a flippin snot bubble! Sick! What do you do with that? You quickly sniff and say thank you and leave as fast as you can! GROSS GROSS GROSS! (thank you random snot bubble baby for your picture to illustrate my horror!)
No other confessions needed today!
#2. Except I love tulips and Daisies!


Bickmommy said...

How incredibly embarrassing!! I think I would have died right there. Though it is always good for a laugh when it happens to my kids.

Sabrina B said...

I was googling tithing banks and came across your blog. This story just made my day! So funny.