The LEGO store!

We found a LEGO store a couple months ago! Can you say "HEAVEN" for my boys! All of them! Max had some birthday money from Nana and he spent it all there! $40.00! NOT in way that B would have him spend it. Max wanted quantity! B wanted HUGE sets of legos. Finally daddy had to let go and let Max shop around and buy 4 small sets instead of one huge set. It was very hard. :)They had tables set up where you could build while your brother and dad shopped!
Juliet LOVED it because she felt BIG!
This is the set Darby wants! (over $100)
This is the set daddy wants (over $300)
This is the set Max wants (under $100)
Brandon trying to talk Max into a bigger set. I think he was trying to get him to pool money with him! (Poor daddy walked out with nothing!)

To much fun! We would love to go to the amusement park LEGO LAND while we are here in LA!



So we have tons of stuff approaching in our lives and I feel like we have no control over any of it. I just have to sit back and know that we put the work into it and now I have to wait to see what the Lord has in store for us! I know that we will be ok with whatever He has in store for us because we're a pack of Jeffords and Jeffords stick together! It's hard to have faith and wait and wonder if it will be what you want it to be. What do I want it to be really? I think I would be happy either way. I think either way my kids would be happy. Of course there are pros and cons to both scenarios but that is where the faith comes in! Grrrrrrrr! I am sure glad that I was not a pioneer. I am pretty sure I would have just pulled my covered wagon over and said I AM DONE! I will just live here! Forget IT! I wonder as we start this phase of our journey if I will pull my mini van over...... I sure hope my pioneer ancestors will give me some encouragement and cheer me on my way! Can I borrow someones faith?


Happy Happy Birthday Dashel Dear!

Today is Dash's birthday! He is turning 5! I can't believe that next year he is going to kindergarten. I know we all say it as moms but it is going by so fast! I will miss him soooo much next year. He makes it so things are never boring around here! We had a spiderman birthday party for him on Saturday with a pinana! (pinata....but that is how he says it!) We will blog those pictures later! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG BOY!

Things we all like about Dash:
Daddy: "I love his smile and his sense of humor. I love that he loves to cuddle!"
Darby: " I love his wonderful smile and his wonderful laugh. I love it when he is excited and wants to play and wants to make things fair and even!"
Max: "He's very nice and he likes video games and plays them with me!"
Mommy: "I love that he is quick to help and he works really hard! I love his magination and how happy he is when he makes new friends!"
Juliet: "He makes me laugh and picks up my toys!"
Callie the cat: "He keeps Juliet away from me!"