Quote of the day!

Darby came home with a paper on the White House. They are learning all these fact about it and it had little windows that opened up and said "the White House has 35 bathrooms" "the White House has 412 doors" and so on. In the front door Darby had drawn someone and so I asked her who it was.

Darby: "John McCain... I am voting for him".
Mom: "wow.... why"
Darby: "Because Oraff Obama (then she did quotation marks with her fingers) wants to FIX everyones jobs..... what if they don't want them fixed!"? Then she walked out of the room like she knew EXACTLY what she was talking about.

I think it's cute that they are talking and listening in school to each other. I don't know if I agree with all her politics but she is very passionate about what she thinks!

Things you never thought you would hear or say!

I will have to amend the title of this because I feel it is going to be a common theme! You will have to read below to see how it was created but OK so I JUST barely posted this afternoon about this and tonight I did it!!!!
Our kids LOVE FHE. Some weeks it gets put off a night or two and there is always tantrums and whining when it happens. Tonight I am tired and frustrated and DONE! SO I send them to get jammies on letting them know that we would just read some scriptures and the whining continued. Then the words came out of my mouth..... "I am tired of the whining and crying ! If I want to FART and call it FHE then it is FHE and no one will cry about it!" Yes I really said it. I am not sure why it came out of my mouth. I am pretty sure I meant to say something sweet like "love at home" or "I am soooo happy you are all soooo passionate about FHE".

We had FHE and when it was over Darby said "I have one more FHE to do...... (insert fart noise here)..... " Ha ha ha ha ..... the whole family laughed and now apparently I say things as wonderful as my kids. I will chalk it up to being REALLY tired and very pregnant and maybe even pretend it was Brandon that said it!

Trunk or Treat

Getting ready for Trunk or Treat! Dash has wanted to be tons of things. A fairy, a butterfly, a bunny, a cat, then a tiger. We were ok with the tiger but it didn't fit so he settled on a skeleton. Daddy does the BEST make-up so Dash was pretty excited. We weren't sure how he would do but.....he was REALLY excited when it was all done. He felt VERY scary!

He pulled MANY scary faces!
And poses!
Max was Indiana Jones! He was the BEST Indi ever! Brandon and I were really proud of the "idol" we had made for him. He was pretty excited too. He kept saying "Give me the whip.....give me the idol...." from the movie. Unfortunately he dropped the idol at trunk or treat and it shattered before it even began.
Darby wanted to be something really scary this year. We had a witch costume and spiced it up to be a "vampire witch". Daddy again did the make-up and she really was scary!
I wasn't sure how I felt about how scary she turned out but she was really really excited so I couldn't worry to much about it. Last year she was Hannah Montana.....this year.... well, scary!
My cousin Millie had slept over for Darby's party and stayed for trunk or treat! She was a secret agent! It was a super cute costume. Darby and Dash again pose as the "undead". Dash was happy to be Darby's skeleton cat! ???????
Darby and Millie again!
My three hoodlums! (Max traded the idol for a rubber snake).
This is what happened on the WAY to trunk or treat. Not even dark out side and we were all falling asleep!
Dash was fading and he kept being really careful the way he would lay down so not to mess up his make-up.
Once we got there we had to wait some more. Max/Indiana was just ready to get to the candy!
This little cutie is Caleb. I had to snap him because he borrowed a costume that my mom had made. My nephew Curtis wore it and then Dash last year. Caleb I think may be the cutest in it though. His dad liked the costume so much that he asked his wife if she thought I would sell it to him. Sorry Brother Boydston. One more baby then we will see.... but my mom made it so maybe not!
Now that trunk or treat is over I am trying to pass it off as Halloween and see if my kiddos will let us stay in and have a "Halloween Party". I think if they weren't in school, I might be able to pull it off, but I am sure Brandon will have to take them out for at least an hour. At any rate.... Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!

Things you never thought you would hear or say!

There are some things as a mom that you never thought you would hear or say in your life. Like, "Please don't lick the cheese off the Doritos." "Please wear underwear on the furniture." "Don't put your fingers in your bum!" I never thought I would have to say these things to another human but they have come out of my mouth! I decided to put them down along with the quote of the days so that I don't forget them! Some of them can be kind of graphic....but they are still said by little mouths and sometimes your own.

Today I heard one that made me shake my head! Max was taking a moment on the potty and called out to me "Mom do you think it would be ok to have another piece of gum? This one fell on my wiener?" "Yes son, that is definitely a reason to get a new piece of gum!"

I guess I should just be happy he asked for a new piece of gum!

Build a Bear Birthday!

Darby's birthday party was at Build a Bear! Such a fun place.... don't go in without your wallet because even as an adult you will end up wanting something! She had 7 friends she invited! Aubrey Durrett, Jacey Davidson (both in her primary class), Grace Bean (came straight from her baptism!) Darby, Millie (my cousin), Alex Rodriguez (old ward friend), Elaina Teran-Chavez (neighbor) , and Cara Boyer (old ward friend)! They were all so creative and different with their choices!Darby of course had to have her brothers there! They all talk about their birthday parties over and over and even hang it over each others heads at times! Max is at the stuffing machine and Dash is giving some attitude because he went over his budget with his animal choice and now doesn't get to dress his dog! To bad so sad!
The girls sat down at first to know how much money they each had to spend. Some girls brought a little extra. All the girls were GREAT to stay with in a budget!
It's hard to talk about the money side when you just want to go CRAZY!
Darby is great to entertain while they waited for everyone to stuff their animals!
When you are done stuffing you go on to "bathe" your new pet and then you get dress them and name them! Darby had a cute bunny that she named Stella Luna! Max had a dog that he dressed in a batman suit (daddy sprang for extra and went over budget....sorry Dash) and he named him Batdog! Dash got a puppy that was "naked" and he named him Braden! (His best friend that has white hair just like him:)
After the building of the bears we went upstairs to open gifts. Darby got a lot of fun things! Pet shops, Webkinz, Money, a diary, and some Polly Pockets!

It was then time to move on to the cupcakes and juice boxes! So yummy! For the first time ever mommy sprung for the store bought kind! Well worth the 11$! (I still struggle knowing that I could make them for 3$) She loved them though and it was a fun and needed change! Because we were at the mall there was really no clean up for us to do! AHHHHH!
Then to end the party they all got to ride the Carousel! Darby held on for dear life because she wasn't buckled and we all know how crazy fast a carousel can be! Daddy and Dash pose in the back!
Dash LOVES the carousel! He asks every time we go to the mall. He really only gets to on special occasions though! He always picks the cat so this was a big change to be on the ostrich!
Max is always cool! All and all it was a great day and Darby had a blast. When it was all over we were going to go to lunch just as a family. She was concerned that we had spent to much money so she said we could just go home. She is really such a good girl and we are lucky to have her in our family. I can't believe she is 8!

The big 8 year old!

Darby turned 8 last week on the 22nd! We took her to CiCi's Pizza for dinner and she got to open her gift from me and Brandon and her brothers. We gave her a Nintendo DS and her brothers gave her a game. I can't believe she is 8! She will be baptized the Saturday after Thanksgiving! She was REALLY excited about this game! It is called Babyz and is all about babysitting and taking care of babies.


Miz Jackson if your Nasty!

Last Wednesday Hil took me to the Janet Jackson concert! SOOOOO much fun! We had a great time together! I was ready to rock out but being 8 months pregnant the only thing that really rocks out is your bladder! Hil and I realized our age when we rushed to get on the road by 6:45 at the latest. We walked in at about 7:20 (the tickets said concert at 7:30). Forgetting from our younger more concert going years that concerts really start later than the ticket says. At 8:30 I yawned at Hilary and said I didn't know if I was even going to make it for Janet to hit the stage! I knew I still had an opening act then they would reset for her to come on. We are talking 10:00 at least. We both felt very old. I don't know what happened to the opening act but she came on at about 8:45 and was well worth the wait! She rocked it out old school with lots of her choreography from her videos that we used to copy in dance! My favorite of course was Nasty Boys! "No my name ain't Baby, it's Suzy, Miz Jeffords if your Nasty!" There was one section that I could have done with out (it was way over the top and super rated R). Hil and I left shortly after that. All and all it was a great night with my friend Hil and my girl Janet! I was a little sad to not buy a "Nasty Girl" tank top (40$) so I will make one with a sharpy! Thanks Hil.... I can't wait for ACDC!


Quote of the day!

Darby hates to come home from school and have to do 1000 things. She just wants to cut loose and play! Mondays unfortunately are not the day to do that. We go straight to piano after school then off the the chiropracter. Then there is home-work, dinner and baths. Leaving hardly any time for play. We got wise though yesterday and she did homework in the car and read to her brothers for all her reading. When we pulled into our neighborhood I heard a big sigh and ....

Darby: "I am done with everything and I think when I go home I will have to dance around with glee!"

That is a pretty good feeling!


The Talented Mr. Max B

Max told Brandon and I that he knew how to tap dance. So we thought we would show you his natural talents in this field. This is not sped up in any way...he is really "that good"! We will be accepting calls from Juliard soon. Sorry there's no sound.

Welcome ROCCO!

Again we had to take a picture of a picture but I couldn't wait to show off my new nephew! This is Rocco Jeremy D'Anna! (Everyone goes to homecoming with Rocco! ... what a great name! :) He is Brandon's sister's new baby! Congratulations Wendy and Matt and big sister Olivia and big brother D'Andre! This picture doesn't do him justice because he really is the cutest little creature I have ever seen and I know how to make some cute little babies! He was born October 5th 2008. 8 pounds 5 oz 21 in. I am sooooo happy for them and the only sadness I feel is that we don't live closer so we could all grow up together! What a sweet little man!

I will totally understand if you want to scribble your mouse all over his face because he is soooooo cute! I know he makes me grit my teeth a lot and shake! That is one cute baby!


Another word by Dash!

COMPRISE! = Surprise!

Quote of the day!

I didn't really understand until today while helping out in Max's class where Max would get a question like he asked me. They are discussing mammals and nocturnal animals and all sorts of things like that. Is a bat nocturnal? Yes. Is it a mammal? Yes. Is an owl nocturnal. Yes. Is it a mammal? No. How do we know? It lays eggs.

Max: "Mom, did Miss Jennie Jo lay her baby yet?"
Mom: "What?"
Max: "You know! Did she lay her baby? Will it be at Gavin's birthday party?"
Mom: "No Miss Jennie Jo hasn't HAD her baby yet, it won't be at the party!"

Apparently Miss Jennie Jo is not a mammal.... I wonder if she is nocturnal!

My sugar cookie Hero!

Every year for Halloween and Christmas my dad would make home-made sugar cookie dough and let us pull out 16,000 different cookie cutters. He would patiently roll out the dough 1000 times and then let us cut them out. He would bake them and whip up all different color frostings and we would get to decorate them on our own! I had no idea how amazing that was! I started the dough yesterday (from a mix) then rolled the dough out. By the time I had 3 ghosts cut out I knew this would be a mommy only job! I had flour all over me and dough all over the rolling pin. There were words not for little ears and I only had to cut out 3 batches (about 12 ghosts)! This was all before the baking or decorating. When it was time to frost, there were no multiple colors, no sprinkles, buttons, or sparkles! We had BROWN ghosts only! They were lucky to get eyes!
Some didn't even look like ghosts....and I was the one who cut them out....not the kids.
At the end of the day though the kids thought I was a hero! If they only knew what a real hero was. The man, who not only one year but many years would dawn an apron, let the flour fly, not worry about time or mess and let his kids create masterpieces! Thanks Daddy! My Hero!

(I have no idea! Again....the best picture he would take. After the first set of laughs he just kept the faces coming!)

A bed for Callie.

Darby has been saving her allowance to take to her Build -a- Bear birthday party to buy extras. Yesterday when we went to Walgreens we saw this little cat bed and she insisted on spending her 9$ and borrowing $1 from me to buy it for Callie. I suggested maybe we come back and get it for Christmas for her but Darby wouldn't hear of it! Callie LOVES to sleep on stuffed animals. She digs her nails into them then nestles down to snooze. When she sleeps with Darby, she always makes sure Callie has a stuffed animal near her so she can rest peacefully!
Needless to say Callie LOVES it. We put her in it at first and she rested for a while. Then after I put the kids to bed I cam down stairs and found her asleep on her own this time! Darby is such a sweet girl to always think of her pet! What a lucky cat Callie is!


The Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday we did our "jobs" and then ran off to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch! It is all free and they have tons of fun stuff to do! Max (with the help of Dad) got on top of a GIANT roll of hay that was stacked up on TONS of hay bales! I didn't think he would dare but he almost didn't need help!
Dash had to pose this way because we have pictures from 2 years ago of him and I posing like this. He wasn't coaxed or anything! We tried to get him to sit on the pumpkin but he insisted on this!
Dash couldn't decide what window to get in and he just kept opening and shutting them. Max was sick of the sun in his eyes so this is what we ended up with!
The hay rides are always the parents favorite part. It's about 10 minutes of just sitting while someone else does all the work!
Sunglasses because when you are pregnant you forget a lot of things..... like make-up!
Dash was the most content on the hayride. He was too grumpy that day to even go in the bounce houses! He went in one for about 3 minutes. Long enough to have to take off his shoes but then have to put them right back on again!
We crossed over the fence to the neighboring pumpkin patch (I do not recommend that!) They had pony rides ($3.00/child). We caved and they all got to ride one time! The camera battery died when it got to be our turn to ride!
One of the most favorite parts is the hay maze! Max LOVES mazes of any sort and he went through it the most. They have this small one and this year they made an even bigger one. They don't allow parents in either. When we got to the entrance of the big one I asked Max to wait for Darby to go in with him and Daddy to position himself to be able to see them. The pumpkin patch was really busy and I was worried he would get stuck. He agreed and I turned to take a picture of Dash and Max was gone! I panicked and screamed his name! (He would never go in after I told him not to!) Sure enough Brandon was able to see his little head running through the maze with no help! Needless to say he was in a little trouble!
It didn't seem to dampen his spirits though when he came out of the maze! This is the small one. The big one stood taller than me so I couldn't see him if he was in the middle!
He was very happy to be able to take pictures with Darth and Yoda!
Dash of course had to pose by a PINK Backyardigan!
This is by far the best picture we could get of all three of them together! I can't wait for family pictures this year!