Halloween Party

We were invited to a Halloween Party by a friend of Darby's. It was a party for the whole family. I guess it is an annual thing that this family does so they go all out and make it really special. This party happened to fall on Darby's birthday. We were originally going to do a little party with 4 friends at our house but it was falling on the same night. I didn't want to disrupt the party and steal away a few of the girls so we cancelled and decided to have a girls night after the holidays! The mom of the party was really grateful and she did a lot of things to make the night special for Darby even though it wasn't her party! It was really really sweet. They had some really cool crafts to do while everyone was getting there! They also had some AMAZING food and drinks! So yummy!
Amanda's mom got Darby a special cake. (I felt bad because this cake was WAY more amazing than any cake I would have gotten her! AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!)
A little later in the party a puppet show guy came and did a marionette show with Halloween puppets. AMAZING again! My kids LOVED it!
It was fun just to watch all their faces as they watched the show.

This isn't a really good picture but it is a little Frankenstein monster! So cute!
I love this picture of Dash. The puppet master had pulled out a Marionette that was called "fat man"....he was a fat Batman. It was quite funny and Dash really enjoyed that part.
I thought Brandon looked so handsome that night. I sure love my boys.
Daddy and Juliet, enjoying the show.
Here are Darby's friends singing Happy Birthday to her. A few of them brought her gifts. It was really very sweet. We had a wonderful time and I am so grateful that the Meyer's made it special for Darby too!

Nightmare Before Christmas 4D!

We were able to kick off our Halloween Season by going to see Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood! It was very cool and I am sooooo thankful for my friend Anna for putting it all together. I was struggling a little paying 10$ a person for a movie that we own but it was worth every penny and then some. It was in 4D!! What is 4D you ask? Lights, wind, smells, ghosts! All of it! VERY cool! Here are Darby and Dash before the show started. They were just enjoying the organist playing all Halloween music. VERY FUN! Juliet wasn't excited at all!
Daddy got there right before the movie started! (p.s. I love him in this hat!)
Darby and her friend Olivia Cannon. (A lot of our friends from church went. There were over 60 of us.)
In the basement, after the show, they had a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas collectable items! It was a TON of fun to see and be a part of!
Some set!
My boys with Tyler and Aaron.
When we were walking back to the car there was a shop selling these cute hats. They were clearing them out for 7 bucks. Darby has wanted one for a long time. Since her birthday was the next day she got to get one. Aaron got one too! I love that he is a high schooler but isn't too cool to hang with Darby!

This is Halloween, This is Halloween! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN!

So every year Brandon makes something for our kids for their costumes. It goes with being the artist. I used to get my mommy tail feathers ruffled until I realized that I can go read a book and I will never have to do a science project, ever, with him as my hubby! Anyway....this year he made him a costume also. It is simply AMAZING! Here is the beginning. He made a tie. Then he sculpted out of paper mache a head. This is the head drying on a tower he made in our bathroom to get it closer to the heat lamp.
Then here it is with the heat lamp on looking extra creepy. I was worried that the kids would have to get up to pee in the night and go in and freak out at seeing this!
That would scare me!
Here is the painting process....
The jacket I found for him at goodwill for 4$. He painted it and did some reconstructing. I helped sew some of it for him. (Now I can say I helped)
Here is the finish product! AMAZING! I hope he wins something for it at work. I hope someone else dresses up at work! ;)

Halloween Treats!

One of our favorite treats at Halloween to have are Caramel Apples! WE ALL LOVE THEM!!!! I usually make them once a year. So far, I have made them twice all ready. They are so easy now with the caramel wraps. Takes about 10 minutes start to finish! Can't lose with those! Juliet just likes to eat the caramel off of her apple. Then she saves the apple for the next day!
I also made these cute little witch hats from an idea of pinterest! Super easy and the kids could help too!
Just an E.L. Fudge cookie turned upside down. Squirt a dollup of frosting on there then squish a hershey kiss on top of the frosting so it smooshes out to make a cute orange brim. (Very technical) I even used generic everything. This made 2 packages of cookies and I had kisses left over. A cute treat for under 8$. Would be very cute for a class party or church party!

This is what General Conference looks like at our house!

I wish I could say this is the first session.....it is not. Second session and we are still in our jammies. Do my kids ALWAYS sit like angels with notepads for all 4 sessions? NO WAY! They come in to listen to the prophet. The only one we "make" them listen too. All though if you want to partake of the conference goodies in the conference basket then you have to sit and listen. They will come in and graze and listen then leave to play. There is also a lot of sleeping and a little yelling to be quiet. I had to get a shot of what Max was drawing. I love that he was drawing the prophet....not really taking notes.....just drawing.

A shot with mommy in it. You can't really tell it's me. But I will take them when I can get them. I am rarely in the shots because I am taking the pictures.
I love conference weekend. Especially the fall weekend. It's time to slow down and reflect and be together.
These 2 doll babies weren't even drawing the prophet. They were drawing scenes for the gummy bears that they were enjoying. I don't care though because they were all with us and they were listening.....sort of. :) What are your conference traditions?

Student of the month!

Max was student of the month the first month of this school year. He shared the honor with Lizzie Cannon from our ward. They are not in the same class but they were both selected from their classes. So proud of my sweet boy! The 3rd grade student of the months!
Max and Lizzie!
Max and mommy!

Dancing with the baby stars!

The other night I was watching Dancing with the Stars. With out missing a beat, these 2 just started dancing with each other, copying what was happening on the television. I almost started to cry cause it was so cute! I had to get a few shots of it! I love my 2 little dancers dance apparel. It is obviously a few minutes before bed because we were about to get in the tub and get jammies on! Who doesn't like to dance in there undies now and then!?
Juliet LOVES to dance! Her big brother just loves her so he will dance with her to make her happy. (I think he secretly might love to dance a little too!)
This was the ending pose. I love it!
When Dash was done Juliet wanted me to rewind this dance and let her continue on with out him. It was a waltz and she loved every second of it!

What do we do when the Thomas' visit?

We play video games! Lots and lots of video games in our pajamas! We play outside with the turtles!

We make a turtle paradise for all to visit!
And a turtle training center!
We dress up and act dorky......
because we can with our best friends!

Seriously, these girls are out of control!

We make up dances and songs!

We eat and play restaurant and sit by our future husbands!
We get treated for lice....yes, lice. Because someone gave it to your little brother while you had company at your house.
We take the seats out of the van and take every piece of bedding and laundry to the laundry mat in the wee hours of the night!
We bond as friends. You can laugh or cry. I think I did both, but Tiffany made it easy to laugh a lot. I would have been lost with out her. Brandon had to work late (very late on a freelance job that came up that day....Tiff said "Take it! We will be fine with out you!" I cried)
We fall asleep where we can because there is no bedding or blankets or couch covers or pillows because we had to wash them all!
Poor little Tanner!
We feel like Tiff's face is saying. We even had to treat each others hair. SO gross! I really am happy she was here even though I was also mortified! I sure love her and cherish our friendship! The only thing we were missing were Nat and her kids. That would have only made it more fun! I love it when they all visit!