quilting anyone?

Again, while we were in Utah, one of the fun things we did to pass the time of our vacation was tie a WHOLE BUNCH of quilts. My mom set up her quilting frames and we scavenged through her fabric and yarn and batting and came out with some fun things for everyone! The funny thing is that it was all Ryeley's idea! He was the one that wanted to pull out the frames and tie a quilt for his bed! Good idea little brother! Here is one of the quilts we finished for my house. It is a little bigger than queen size quilt.
Each one of my kids got a new quilt for their beds. They are the perfect length but are on the skinny side. A little trial and error on my part. They still all love them and sleep with them. They will make for great lounging/snuggling blankets!
Darby chose cats and Dash has a cowboy fabric.
Juliet has frogs (because of the speckled frog song we sing) and Max has the other cowboy print in another color!
Here I am NOT posing while I quilt away!
I told Ryeley late one night that I would love some quilting frames of my own one day. The next morning when I got up he was gone. That was kind of weird because when I am in Utah we usually go everywhere together! He was out buying the supplies to make me quilting frames for my birthday! Here he is looking oober creepy while building my very own frames!
more of my blanket!
Ryeley working on my frames! (I secretly love the cigarette hanging out of his mouth.....he has quit now and I am super proud of him but I think it adds to the "white trash" -ness of this picture! Take it all in..... his shirt, the cooler in the back, his make shift working station, the cigarette, the trash can off to the side, even the tattoo adds some "flavor"! :)
Here are some of MY quilting frames. Call me if you want to borrow them! They are hand made by my brother and they are AWESOME!!!

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Alison said...

Wow, super nice brother! I love the whitetrash photo. Makes me miss home. :)