General Conf. 2013

These are a couple of our General Conference traditions!  Gen. Conf. is coming up in a couple weeks and my kids are pumped because of this right here!  The goodie basket!  You are allowed to partake if you are sitting and listening.  You don't HAVE to sit and listen but if you want to eat then you have to sit.  They usually sit for a bit to eat then they get up and run around til they get a bit nippish again!  
This is a new one.  It's our Gen. Conf. board.  It's all velco and you move the speaker to the pulpit and then to his chair.  You also move his topics into the word bubble.  There is actually a lot more to do on this and they had a blast with it!!!  (I got it off of pinterest and the lady that did it had it all together so all I had to do was print and laminate!)
I also got the littles new coloring books and they LOVED that!  Something I will do for sure again!  Happy Conference everyone!!!

photo bombed by Mary!

Sometimes your photo bomber is well..... Mary Skinner.  We love her! 

What does a fox say?

Dash did his first project of the year on Foxes.  He read the book and put it all together himself.  All I did was help him mount his pictures on card stock to help them pop!  I was soooo proud of him! (His next report was on The Green Berets and he interviewed papa Gail!!!)  

Ear piercing

For Darby's big 13th birthday she got her ear pierced!  She went with one of her best friends Hailee Brinn!  (Hailey Jordan all ready has earrings...all though if she were here she would have gone for moral support!) 
Darby was REALLY scared!

Juliet looked on and BEGGED her daddy to let her get her ears done for Darby's birthday too! ;)
Finished product!
Little lady won over daddy!  She was a little less scared after the big girls had gone!

a little scared here!
admiring her beautiful earrings....that wasn't so bad at all!
Hailee was just as nervous as Darby!
but she did it!

and now all three of these little ladies have earrings now!  you may now Shower them with diamonds!!!

Darby turns 13!

This little lady turned 13 this year!  Gah!  We have a teenager!  She is amazing!  Kind, spiritual, loving, tender hearted and SO funny!  
She LOVES her family.  She has a special connection with her Nana! 
This beautiful girl never stops amazing me!

Never afraid to be a spazz and usually rounds up her siblings to dork out with her!

She sings like a broadway star and is learning the ukele and the piano.

Her favorite cartoon is Adventure Time!  DUH!

She is a crazy loyal friend and has the BEST time with these girls!

I love hanging out with her!  Whether we are going to a concert or just to the grocery store! 

We love our Darby Hannah!

Suzy's 39th birthday!

For my birthday this last summer Brandon KILLED it!  
Birthday cake!

amazing gifts!  (purse I wanted) with a matching wallet

Dolly Parton shirt!  Love me some Dolly!
It was a super surprise!  

Then we went and saw Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl!  It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever been to!  Thank you Brandon for always making me feel so special and spoiled~!