It's official....

I haven't blogged FOREVER! (and not because I spend my time on face book either... another post, another time we can discuss our dislike for face book taking away our friends who don't have time to update their blogs because they are face booking!)

ANYWAY! The Jefford's are moving! Brandon's company is "lending" him to another company in California for 6 months to a year! Very exciting and a very fun adventure! Very stressful and very fast! They need him to start on July 6th. That means that we leave Texas next Saturday! Everything is falling into place (look what happens when you exercise your faith.... I'm not very good at that:) We will be closer to family. B has a brother in L.A. and a sister in Arizona. My parents and brother and his step mom both in Utah. Best friends in Vegas, Utah, and Az. So excited to see what this part of life has in store for our family.

As I have spent the last four hours packing (Thanks to Hil who has ALL my kids), I can't help but cry! Even as I post the tears won't stop! I love TEXAS! I love my life here. I love my friends, my doctors, my Chiropractor witch doctor, my gym and the members that let me teach them and share their fitness journey (or struggle if you're me). I love my ward, I love playgroup every Tuesday. Most of all I love the memories that we have built. Good and bad, they are mine.

I know I still have a week and a half (to pack:), one more play group, a good bye girls night out, one Sunday, 2 more classes to teach, and a loading party. Not enough....

time to pick up the kiddos