Quote of the day!

Tonight after Max was done with his bath and brushing his teeth he came down stairs for scriptures and was eating yummy candy out of the Pez dispenser that Nana had bought him. I said "Brandon didn't he all ready brush his teeth? Why is eating candy 30 seconds before bed?" Brandon looked at Max with raised eye brows expecting and answer!

Max: "I finded a little midnight snack!"

How does any parent argue with that? (at 8 pm....not midnight) :p

Thankful Heart (9)

There are really so many things to be thankful for and I thought I would do this every day. The days seem to be slipping away and now that my mom is here (thankful) I have even less time to get on the computer! Today I am truly thankful for humor. Brandon makes me laugh every day. We make each other laugh. Commercials make me laugh. My good friends make me laugh and of course my kiddos crack me up. With out humor I would be lost! It makes all the ugly seem not so ugly. Even in the ugliest of moments! I love the "Love to laugh" part in Mary Poppins! Humor is really something to be thankful for!


Thankful Heart (8)

Hot Chocolate! My mom sent us a bunch of Stephen's Hot Chocolate! Seeing as our high temp today is only 51, we have enjoyed the Hot Sha Sha ever so much. It is not only the Hot Chocolate I am thankful for, it is also the modern technology in which I have to heat it! My brother gave me a hot chocolate maker last year for Christmas making it ever so easy to make! When you add that to the washer and dryer I used today and the microwave and the carpet cleaner that is coming a little later, the heater, the grocery store up the street, the refrigerator, the computer, the phone and cell phone, don't forget the t.v./babysitter, the car, the running water, hot water, and so many other things ...... I feel very blessed and thankfull to live in the time of technology and hot chocolate!


Thankful Heart (7)

I am so thankful for Brandon. He is helping me get ready for the baby and my mom coming. He is picking up all the slack that I can't handle. AND he refuses to let me have guilt! (It is still there he just refuses to listen to it). Tonight he brought me home a "Willow Tree". It was called "Cherish", it is the figure of the pregnant woman with her hand on her belly. No reason, just because. I broke down in tears. He said "I figured we weren't going to be doing this again, so you might like this." I could go on and on with all the things he does and has done for me but the bottom line is that he is my best friend and I am his. I would do anything for him and I know he would do the same for me. He is good for me and I am better because of him! I love that man!


Thankful Heart (6)

PLAYGROUP! I have loved it since we moved to Texas. I have met and made some of my closest friends their. It is a life saver to be able to vent and discuss EVERYTHING! We have laughed and cried together, held each other up, babysat, shared, over-shared, had spiritual moments, learned how to parent, learned how not to parent and anything else you can think of. I am forever grateful for this brake every Tuesday and would be lost without it. Anyone who has been a part of it can testify that it is for sure something to be thankful for!


Thankful Heart (5)

Today I am thankful for my mom! She makes me laugh and smile all the time. She called me today and left a voice mail that said "the blankets are folded! I repeat the blankets are folded." It is code that she sent us a package. She does it with every package but it changes depending on what is in the package. (It is supposed to be like "the eagle has landed") It is kind of dorky but I love it. I am so grateful she is coming to be with us and all though we are "taking" her away from everyone in Utah for 2 holidays it is darn time we get her! I wish we all lived closer! She is a great example of love, tradition, and comfort. I talk to her every day usually more than once. Anyone that knows her knows she is the best! I am thankful that she is my mom!


Thankful Heart (4)

Today I gave my visiting teaching message on this exact thing. Having a thankful heart. It has been really a great thing. So many things that would usually get passed by as I focused on the negative or a busy life have been seen because of this little challenge. Today I was thankful for my V.T. companion. Dee Dee Durrett. When we first became companions I was excited because she is really nice and I sort of knew her from the gym. Getting to know her from our visits though has been a real blessing. She is really great. She has a super kind heart and is genuinely interested in you when you talk to her. She always has a positive attitude no matter what is thrown at her! I am really lucky to have gotten to know her on a more personal level. I am thankful for Dee Dee.


Quote of the day!

Today Darby played with Dash while we worked on home repairs! They road bikes and she would push him up the street so he could ride down! She went a got a couple of lawn chairs and water bottles for their "brakes". When I asked her what she was doing she said:

Darby: "I am getting us some stuff to relax with because I am sure that Dash is just Poofed!

Mom: "What is Dash?"

Darby: "You know,Poofed!"

(It was REALLY hard to correct her and let her know the word was "pooped" because her word was way cuter!)

Thankful Heart (3)

Our neighbor came over today to help Brandon fix the garage door. He noticed we were putting in a new microwave above the oven said he would help with that too. Brandon had to get parts at Home Depot for the bathroom and David went with him and offered to help with the bathroom too. He simply came over to help with a 30 minute problem and he ended up staying for about 4 or 5 hours. We tried to give him a gift card for our thanks and he said it would ruin everything he had done if we gave it to him. He gave up so much time and energy and in the end his comment was "it was a Saturday well spent!" What a great example of service. I was so thankful for his time and energy he offered us. I know that Brandon could have done all of those things alone but it would have taken 3-4 weekends because we don't have all the tools or know how! David saved us time by giving up his and I am Very Very Very thankful!


Thankful Heart (2)

So I missed yesterday but I thought about it a lot. It was a bad day but there were moments of thankfulness! Today though I am thankful for my home. It is the first home Brandon and I bought together. I never thought I would own my home. It keeps us warm and safe and dry. My kids love it and feel at peace here. The back yard is their playground. Their rooms are their havens! I love to walk up the stairs at night and stop half way to look into the livingroom. It never fails, when I do I feel complete peace and hope. With in these walls we have lived, laughed loved, screamed, been sick, cried, had babies, boo boo's & blessings. There are stains and fingerprints, holes and leaks, rips and scratches and we are quickly outgrowing it....but it is all ours! I love it here and I can't imagine being any where else right now! How lucky we are to have a home!


Quote of the day!

When Darby was watching the results of the election with me she asked what was taking so long for the results. I told her they had to count all the votes in every state!

Darby: Man that is a LOT of votes. I sure hope the counters are counting in 5's or 10's!

She sure is a smart kid!

Thankful Heart

So I saw this on Sharlynn's blog and she challenged her friends to do this. I love her and want to be like her so that is not a hard challenge. For this month she is posting something every day that she is thankful for. She is creating a "daily Thanksgiving list" being inspired by friends and Elder Wirthlin who said "Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love". Then Sharlynn said Happy Daily Thanksgiving! I LOVE IT!

Today was easy. I am soooo Thankful for my good friends who inspire me to be better! They lift me and carry my burdens. They love me flaws and all! They make me want to be stronger and work harder. They make me a better mom, wife, and friend just by being in my life! Thank you to all of you who have picked up the pieces no one else would touch. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life and your families lives! I would be lost with out all of you and I love you very much! Thank you Sharlynn for stepping up to the plate and challenging us all! I hope this month to have a prayer in my heart, like Sharlynn, so I can have Daily Thanksgiving!


The kids did "mock" elections at school yesterday and they had a great time. At first I thought it was really cool that they were getting them involved at school... but then my kids were repeating some of the things they had heard other kids say (that they heard from parents or older siblings). Darby was clear on who she voted for but was very concerned that it was secret because you aren't supposed to tell anyone who you voted for. Max was voting for McCain and Jason said he wouldn't be his best friend anymore if he didn't vote for Obama so Max tricked him and said he would but didn't! Dash was voting for Joroff MoBain! Which I think is some combo of the 2 men... some super human President. It was really cute until we watched the news this morning with the kids. We explained that the new President was Obama and we would all support him because he is a good person and he will do his very best to run our country! Max was VERY concerned because someone had told him Boroff Ovamana :) believed in poking babies until they die. How do you explain to a tender hearted 5 year old abortion, choice, and that nothing was going to happen to his mommy's baby? It is hard to shelter them from other children and their parents comments that are misconstrued. It ended up o.k. and I just hope the kids understood the importance of voting and not just the competition aspect of it. It was exciting to see them excited and being part of something bigger than just them. I

Wanna "Kiss"?

This last Saturday was a Halloween party that one of Brandon's co-workers invited us too. I didn't want to go at first because it was on Nov. 1st and I was done with Halloween. Brandon talked me into it because it was animators and not the executives of the company. I agreed because I love him..... then we searched for a costume for someone who is 8 months pregnant and had never met any of these people. I really wanted to be lame and go with cat ears and cute make up and hair or Jaba the Hut. Brandon had other plans for me and I ended up going as Gene Simmons from Kiss! It was a pretty rock and roll costume but I felt pretty lame once I got there and realized no one knew me or would ever recognize me if they ever saw me again. We met another couple from our stake that had just moved in and would be at stake conference the next day. All and all it was really fun and I think Brandon was proud to have such a "killer" wife! We did see our new friends at stake conference and it was nice for them to see me not so heavy metal! I REALLY love my hubby! (Yes, Brandon did the make-up, not me.)



I am sooooo excited that it is finally November. I usually try to hold on to every holiday as long as possible, but this year I had taken down half of Halloween on the 26th. It didn't help that everything was so early. (trunk or treat 25th, parties, etc) Everything came way before Halloween so when Halloween FINALLY got here I was ready for it to be over. I think I am pushing forward with getting it all over too because the sooner it is Thanksgiving then the sooner this baby will be here. I know that they are easier in then out but I REALLY want by body back! My mom will be here in 19 days then Thanksgiving is only 5 days later. Then I can technically have the baby at any time and all will be well! Watch this one stay in full term just to spite me! When I think about all I have to do before my mom gets here and then the baby I get a little freaked out. Time to pull out the bassinet, pack hospital bags (couple weeks), pull out car seats, wash bassinet sheets, get baby clothes ready (boy or girl.... who freakin' knows?), clean house really good, buy diapers and back up formula, have Thanksgiving, help at the school, Piano recitals, chiropractor, flu shots for kids and B, finish Christmas shopping ....... HOLY CRUD! Where did Halloween go?