The kids did "mock" elections at school yesterday and they had a great time. At first I thought it was really cool that they were getting them involved at school... but then my kids were repeating some of the things they had heard other kids say (that they heard from parents or older siblings). Darby was clear on who she voted for but was very concerned that it was secret because you aren't supposed to tell anyone who you voted for. Max was voting for McCain and Jason said he wouldn't be his best friend anymore if he didn't vote for Obama so Max tricked him and said he would but didn't! Dash was voting for Joroff MoBain! Which I think is some combo of the 2 men... some super human President. It was really cute until we watched the news this morning with the kids. We explained that the new President was Obama and we would all support him because he is a good person and he will do his very best to run our country! Max was VERY concerned because someone had told him Boroff Ovamana :) believed in poking babies until they die. How do you explain to a tender hearted 5 year old abortion, choice, and that nothing was going to happen to his mommy's baby? It is hard to shelter them from other children and their parents comments that are misconstrued. It ended up o.k. and I just hope the kids understood the importance of voting and not just the competition aspect of it. It was exciting to see them excited and being part of something bigger than just them. I

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