Are you married?

Saturday B and I went to Vons to get some flower for Darby's play. Upon getting back into the van 2 HANDSOME Black men were getting out of their car next to mine. They proceeded to say
"(Swear word) Are you married?" I said politely "Yes sir I am." He said "YES YOU ARE!" They walked around the corner and saw B on the other side of the car and said "Oh Man, We saw you there the whole time! We're just kiddin!" B said "Sure you were!"

I don't care who you are, or how old or young you are, how old or young they are, or that they smell like pot THAT FEELS GOOD! I got hit on in front of my hubby! My big ol' bubble bootay strikes again! :) Thank you and good night!


We have a lot of fun together!

I ALWAYS have fun with B! That's how he wins me over every time! This is after Max's baptism in the parking lot. We realized that we hadn't gotten a shot together. The old stand by take a picture of yourself. I love them and we have tons of them. This one wasn't my favorite (hair on my face) so.....Take another. I liked, but why not.....
try for another, even thought the boy doesn't want to do anymore. Chase him while clicking away!
We have A LOT of fun together!
Post baptism....Juliet and Dash in Nana and Papa's new Mini Van. Juliet loved that it has a built in booster seat and the Disney Channel! Lucky kids. Sure wish I had a van like that!


Horton Hatches the Egg....

This month in Dash's kindergarten class all the parents came in on different days to read different Dr Seuss books to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. TOday was my day. I decided to read Horton Hatches the Egg because it was Dash's teachers favorite book. I adore her and was sooooo excited to be able to do something in the class. I don't get to volunteer a lot because of Juliet. They tend to frown on bringing your toddler to class. I do a lot of at home helper stuff but never the SUPER MOM in class stuff. Last night B and I were going over our days and he heard I was reading at 8:06! "Well why am I not doing that?", he asked. It hadn't donned on me to ask him to do it. Of course he is the better choice and all. He does voices and sound effects and he's THE DAD! It fit in his schedule to go before work and everything. Dash would FREAK out if daddy showed up! SO there I sat, torn and sad that I wasn't going to get to have the "Rock Star" moment. "Of course it should be you! Dash will literally flip out!" I said.
It was settled and daddy was going to tell the story!
I went in later that day to hear Dash read his story in the library. Dash's teacher beamed and gloated over Brandon being the best reader she has EVER had and he was welcome to come back ANY time to read! I smiled with pride knowing that my hubby had made our sons day/week/even his year! He is a rock star!
I am not blogging this story to boast about B or whine that I didn't get to be the SUPER MOM today. I am simply blogging this so that one day Dash will know that I WANTED to be there. I WANTED to read to him in his class. I don't ever want him to think I was to busy or didn't want to be there. Sometimes Daddies are just better at those things than mommies. I love you Dash and I will read to you any time you want. (just with out voices and sound effects!) :)


The boy who chose to be baptized!

This is the boy that made the choice to be baptized!This is the little brother that was proud of the boy who chose to be baptized!
This is the dad that baptized the boy that chose to be baptized!
This is the Bishop (Bishop Allen) that interviewed the boy that chose to be baptized!
This is the Uncle that agreed to sing at the baptism even though he was terrified when the boy who chose to be baptized asked him!
These are our people who came to support the boy who chose to be baptized!
THis is the excited boy waiting to be baptized!
This is our family who loves the boy and also sang with the other uncle!
These are more of our people (Val and Bishop Cowley) who played the piano for the boy who chose to be baptized!
THe room kept growing with our people who loved the boy who chose to be baptized!
These are the missionaries who taught the boy who chose to be baptized!
THis is the family that can't get enough of the boy who chose to be baptized! (the kids in this family were done with posing for pictures for the boy!)
This is the Papa that confirmed the boy who chose to be baptized!
This is the Auntie Kim who came to celebrate with the boy who chose to be baptized.
These are some of the best friends who came to support the crying mommy of the boy who chose to be baptized!
Yes, our Max chose to be baptized. He never ceases to amaze me with his choices. I love that little man cub!
I so wish I would have been able to get more pictures of the people that love Max. All his Grandma's were there too. Grandma Myrna spoke on Baptism and Nana spoke about the Holy Ghost. Grandma Jan came to support and celebrate with Max!


uncle Ryeley

The picture says it all! She woke up and they were here! She ran out and ran to him! Between Ryeley and Papa, she was in Juliet Heaven! (you can see he doesn't like her very much.... I actually think he would trade me one of his for her.... he even likes when she is naughty!) When B comes home she gives what he calls a "kings welcome" running and jumping and yelling DADDY DADDY with hugs and kisses. (something that will one day come to an end and for now he cherishes every day) She did the same thing when Rye or my dad would come in. One time she was so excited that my dad was "home" that she couldn't even move. She just did a high knee jog in place while clapping and saying PAPA PAPA PAPA! She sure can make you feel special!

Pedicures for Princesses

While my family was out here all the ladies in the house decided to go get pedicures. There is a a place near our home that does Pedicures for 11$ and polish changes for 5$. They don't have the fancy massage chair but their pedicures are amazing none the less! The little ladies went with us this time. They were very excited and very serious about the whole process! Gracie Belle having her turn!Then it was Darby's turn! It's was interesting to see what colors each of us picked. Not one of us picked the same.
This was Grandma Myrna's first time EVER getting a pedicure! She says she loved it and it won't be her last! (fuschia pink with a white flower)
Nana gets a pedicure from this lady every time she comes out! Nana didn't want to get a flower but we talked her into it and when she was done she said she loved it! (pearly purple with a white and pink flower)
I chose BLUE~ Darby usually chooses for me because she picks the best colors ever. I used to be scared of what she chooses but for what ever reason she ALWAYS knows the trend! Brandon loves when I get my toes done. He says they look like candies! (blue with yellow flower)
Darby is on the left, Gracie on the right! Both girls got a little flower on their toes so the big girls all had to copy! Darby said at one point she felt like a princess. Who knew a little polish on your toes could make you feel like royalty? Oh wait, I DID! When we walked out we all felt a little better and our toes were the color of spring! 11$ well spent!


The fashion district!

While our company was here we got to go to the fashion district! THAT WAS A TON OF FUN!!!! A girls freaking dream! cheap jewelry, knock off purses, sunglasses, clothes, make up, fabric, shoes and sooooooo much more! I want to go every day! We were there for only a couple hours and only hit a couple streets! It's about 8 blocks or more! Juliet went for a little ride while we looked at some watches. (pictures on my beautiful Chanel watch later!) Kim and I chillin after some lunch! We really had the best of time! Don't be surprised if you get jewelery and purses from me for ever holiday! :)

I'm a cowboy hand, YEE HAW!

Juliet found the cowboy hat and gun and was walking around the house saying "I'm a cowboy hand YEE HAW! " On one of her favorite shows (Bubble Guppies) they call them Cowhands. That is where she got cowboy hand! It was pretty cute. I especially like the filthy face. It's tuff to be a cowboy hand workin on the ranch! You get dirty! This is the "YEE HAW" part! My favorite!

Princess dress and dress up box

This is Juliet's "princess dress". I don't know why she calls it that but she loves it! I think because it twirls and flows! It's one of the dresses she finds in her drawers and will dig it out of the dirty clothes if she sees it!

She has a tuff life. Princess dresses and thin mints.
We have a HUGE dress up/Halloween box. I don't let the kids pull it out very often because it makes a HUGE mess. They never cease to amaze me with the combinations they put together. The girls were pretending to be angels here. They have on fury cowboy chaps and vest for wings.
Max was doing a grindy hip dance in the back. I have no idea.
posing for the camera....
perfect angel!


be yourself

I just read this on facebook by Chalene Johnson. I totally needed this today!

"Don’t change to be more like anyone other than you; just get better at recognizing the best parts of you. You shouldn't worry if you're not so-and-so's favorite person! You have too many people in your life as it is who adore you for exactly who you are! Be that person!"


The Man of the Hour!

Max has decided to be baptized! We are really excited for him to take this step in his life. He has been taking the missionary discussions for about 8 weeks. It was really special and I love the things he learned and more than that the things he taught us. On his first discussion the Elders asked Max if he knew what the plan of Salvation was and if he could explain it. Max said sure then he started his explanation with "Apparently there was a war in Heaven....." it went from there. I love this little man and all the amazing things that make him who he is! These are a few pictures we took for his little baptism announcement we sent out for family and friends out of state.

Learning to tie his own tie.
He is laughing here because I said something completely inappropriate and the phrase may be something we say all the time now. BAD MOMMY!
A little goofie!
A LOT Jeffords.
More Jeffords.

Here is the first face from the inappropriate phrase. The phrase may or may not have been "jiggly boobies". I will not say for sure.

Such a big sweet boy. I love him!
We'll post more on his baptism this weekend! He is getting baptized this Friday night at 7 at the Tarzana Ward.


ending sounds -ot

Last Saturday we were helping Dash with his homework and working with a little flash card thing he brought home. Brandon decided he would only communicate with the flip card ending sounds -ot. The only sentence he could say though was.....
Not even a real sentence but still funny! I think there was also tot and dot but he moved on and decided to use his words instead of only a flip chart. Never a dull moment with him!