Are you married?

Saturday B and I went to Vons to get some flower for Darby's play. Upon getting back into the van 2 HANDSOME Black men were getting out of their car next to mine. They proceeded to say
"(Swear word) Are you married?" I said politely "Yes sir I am." He said "YES YOU ARE!" They walked around the corner and saw B on the other side of the car and said "Oh Man, We saw you there the whole time! We're just kiddin!" B said "Sure you were!"

I don't care who you are, or how old or young you are, how old or young they are, or that they smell like pot THAT FEELS GOOD! I got hit on in front of my hubby! My big ol' bubble bootay strikes again! :) Thank you and good night!


Just Jennifer said...

Oh Suzy, that's hilarious!! It never hurts to get hit on ;)

Chubz said...

Hot Momma!