Confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

I think confession posts are some of my favorite!

Things I love.....
1. I love the house I live in right now. I love the Donna Reed stoves (there are 2), I love the sink in the laundry room (I don't use it a lot but it is there if I want it), I love the super old wall paper in the bathrooms (wall to wall and on the ceiling and cupboards and molding) I really love it, I love the old Tiffany lamps and I love the closets (I have one and B has one) I also love the light the house has. Full of windows. I am totally blessed to be able to live here.
2. I love airbrushing people. I get to talk to someone for 30 mins or so. When they leave they feel great. I feel great. They give me money. I love it!
3. I love getting airbrushed. It just feels good to be tan. No wonder people keep coming back to me. It feels GREAT!
4. I love teaching group fitness. Same thing as getting tan. I leave feeling great. I helped someone else feel great. Then I get paid. Seriously, could it get any better? Maybe if I got paid to eat too.
5. I love Jesus.
6. I love conference weekend. When we were first married I was like "woo hoo a weekend off of church" Brandon was like "uh, sorry but we go to conference , all 4 sessions." "WHAT?" I love him for having that rule. I love listening while we clean on Sat. I love making cin. rolls. and playing conf. bingo with the kids. I love falling asleep during conference. I swear it's the best sleep EVER!
7. I love slurpees. I still love Diet Coke but I don't drink it any more. boo. I don't love that. 14 weeks, no diet coke.
8. I love Easter and spring. ahhhhh new beginnings. Close to summer vacation and swimming and bbq's. Love it.
9. I love my nephew De'Andre. It's his birthday today. He is handsome, smart, and flippin hilarious! He makes me laugh all the time and he laughs with me/at me!
10. I love being healthy. I didn't know how much I loved it til I have had some unhealthyness going on! Threw my back out, nursed it back to health for 3 weeks. Had my teeth done, still working that out. Sinus infection, second round of antibiotics started today. In a few days I will get to wake up healthy. On that day I will skip around and maybe bake a cake to celebrate!

I could go on with things I love because I am truely blessed but I will stop here for today!

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