girls weekend!

I got to spend a weekend with the just the girls a couple weeks ago. We ate and shopped and ate and shopped and laughed and ate and shopped and laughed and ate! It was just what the Dr. ordered for all of us! Of course we had to go to Outback. It is a favorite of all of ours! Outback came out with some raspberry butter. Yes it's that good and yes that IS butter on my chin!
A little lotion? Bath and Body works a must when you are treating yourself!
This is just to demonstrate one of the many reasons I love Tiff. Crazy O.C.D. While we paid for our treats at the gas station she had to organize the candy bar display! It looked great and I luf her!

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Mandie said...

Um...I was anxiously awaiting the ugly pictures!?? Come on-let me see 'em?!