crochet or bacci ball anyone?

While my parents were here they bought a crochet and bacci ball set for the back yard. It was TONS of fun to watch the kids play! Uncle Ryeley teaching Dash how to hit his ball through the wires. Papa and Max had a little bacci ball competition around the folks playing crochet. I love that our yard is big enough for them to do this!

Papa's turn.....
Gracie Belle is an old pro. She and Curtis used to play at Nana and Papa's old house. If you look in the back you can see Nana watching all her grand kids in the shade. She said she could sit out there all day and watch them play together!
Darby's turn! She was in last place almost the whole time. She was a really good sport about it though. You can see Papa and Max in the back too. They kept moving their game all over the lawn to try different spots.
a very challenging crochet position by Curtis!
Ryeley and Curtis assessing the situation.
Dash finally getting the swing of things on his own.

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