caged wild animal

This is Calvin the hamster. When I saw this I was feeling a lot like Calvin. Running as fast as I can and getting no where. A Caged wild animal, in a wheel, with a giant cat watching my every move! Do you ever feel like this? I think it's just satan trying to keep us down. If we were working at our full potential think of the damage we could do! What I failed to realize though is that Calvin loves this little ball/wheel thing. He is free to explore and run or walk if he chooses. The cage is there to keep him safe from the Cat. (He doesn't really need that....the cat has no interest in him but the analogy worked better this way! It is actually the papasan turned upside down. I think a giant kid put him in that prison!) At any rate, are you working at your full potential? Are you feeling trapped, caged, and ready to be pounced on!?



Alison said...

Ooh, I need a ball like that for my Calvin.

Abbey said...

LOvE that way of thinking.... needed that today!!!!! Thanks :)