Coloring Easter Eggs 2011

This is supposed to be a fun tradition like Carving pumpkins and decorating sugar cookies. I have to say I don't like any of these traditions. They are all messy and a ton of work for the mom. What I do like though is building memories and that is why I do it! My kids LOVE all of the messy traditions. Look how happy they are!!
The messiest one of all! She tired of the egg holder to get the eggs in and out of the dye ad just started using her hands!

Very serious work. (Please remember we feed this cute girl! We all would love to have her metabolism and energy. One day she will wish for curves, a bigger booty and to not be tall! We all want what we don't have!)

Things get really serious when you are trying to put a sticker on a wet egg. I don't know why no one listens to me! I have done this a time or two!
More pictures of the gangly youth!

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ErinMaeB said...

I totally despise the messy traditions too, but the kids enjoy them. I love the shot you got of B putting food in his mouth. Haha!