R.S. Birthday party!

We had such a great time at our Relief Society Birthday party! The theme was Purse-onal Excellence! Of course it was ALL about Purses and being your Purse-onal best! SO CUTE! We also had a cake decorating contest. The cakes were our center pieces! Who made these adorable little sunshine cupcakes!? ME! Did I win? No. Even though I was the M.C. for the night and announced that I won....I didn't! MY kids loved them though! And curse you Natasha Canon and your adorable 6 hour cake making! This cake took third. SO pretty.
Here is the second place cake. Very springy and I may copy it one day!
can you see the 1st place cake? Yes it is the purse. It even had some lipstick in front of it. It was really pretty!
Amy Johnson! She is our enrichment leader. I literally did nothing for this event. With my teeth and other illnesses she took it all over and planned it all out! I love her!
We had a speaker (Sister Williams) who spoke on the different purses in our life and what they carried and how we change. She added some purse-on experiences and things she got from our recent conference! It was SOOOO GOOD!
The 3 winners! (the prizes were amazing! Amy always makes sure the prizes are sooo good! A cake plate, bath and body works candles, and a cupcake carrier......I wanted it BAD!)
I think the ladies had a great time and the spirit was strong!
We made cafe rio pulled pork salads. They were DELICIOUS! I will post the recipe if anyone wants it! SO YUM!

We also had a purse exchange. You bring in one of your gently loved purses that you didn't use anymore and then you could take one from the table. It was a huge hit!
See my tiny trophy!? It's not the cupcake holder but like I said my kids loved the cupcakes. They were easy and fun and one I will for sure pull out for other rainy days. (No the candy corn isn't left over from Halloween. CVS sells it year round!)

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