Merry Christmas to all and all a good night!

Merry Christmas my friends and family! I can't believe it is here. I love this time of year and every year it comes and goes to fast! I heard a story in church the other day that helped me have more of the Christmas spirit that I was searching for. I won't tell the whole story but it ended with one little boy in the Nativity play, that played the inn keeper, turning Joseph and Mary away because there was no room at the Inn. After a few moments of watching a poor dejected Mary and Joseph walk across the stage the little boy tearfully flung open the door and said "You can have my room!" Some people that year thought the play was ruined and true believers knew that it was a play they would remember the rest of their lives. I hope we remember those who need a little extra help this year. Either love, or financial, military families or physically. Keep your heart open just a little longer and a little more this year. I love ya'all and am lucky to call you friends. Merry Christmas!


Happy Happy Birthday Juliet Dear!

Today our Juliet turns 1! I can't believe it ! She has brought so much joy and laughter to our home. She is such a sweet spirited baby and is almost always smiling! She is loves graham crackers and puff cheetos and soda! She LOVES to play with all her siblings and when she is tired she gets giggly! We love you Sweet Baby J! (our Zuzu's petal!)
Daddy: "I love her dimples."
Dash: "I love that I share with her."
Mommy: "I love her "O" face when she is excited about something or wants something really bad. Usually something she shouldn't have. I also love when she gets mad and pushes her legs and arms out in front of her really hard with balled up fists, usually accompanied by an angry growl. I do NOT like her ear piercing scream!"
Callie the cat: "I like to run away from her and would really like it if she stayed out of my cat food and water!"
..... Rest of the families comments to come.....
Max: "I like that she is a crazy baby!"
Darby: "I like that sometimes she is an angel and sometimes she is a devil....you never know!"
Sharing soda with Papa Gail on Thanksgiving! Our little Blue baby only minutes old! She was this blue for almost 4 days! Crazy!
4th of July fun! (7 months old)
5 weeks old at Papa Keith's house after his funeral! We know they would have loved each other!
Sweet Sweet girl! (5 1/2 months old)