The Mayan!

So, it looks like all we do is go out to eat when we are in Utah! We do eat a lot but we try to go to our favorite spots so we make memories too! This is a fun restaurant because of the entertainment and I hate to talk bad about a place but the food,..... how do I say this.......stinks. Not only was it pricey and not so good but a lot of us got sick from it. BUT the entertainment is really cool. Maybe go and get desserts or something just to see the high divers! Juliet with Uncle Ryeley! Seriously, can you tell how much she loves him? She may have him wrapped around her little finger too.
What a fun group!
She LOVED the divers! She would clap and clap for them!
This is her "PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE" face. It works almost every time. How do you say no to that?


The Cracker Barrel!

Cracker Barrel is one of our favorite places to eat breakfast. They have the BEST breakfast EVER and the country store they have is a fast favorite for everyone! Nana always takes us when we visit. We don't have them in Ca. Boo. We had them in Tx. We used to go there for our Christmas Eve breakfast every year.Nana with all her grandkids!
While we were waiting for our food, Juliet got a little restless and took over the camera. Some of her shots were not too bad!
some where.....well.....
we decided to do silly face pictures!
more silly!
more silly.....
and just some down right cute!
I love when I see the cousins playing and helping each other!

Fun at GG Ma's!

We went to my grannies house for a bbq while we were in Utah! We always have a great time with them! My kids call her GG for Great granny! She has a SUPER ugly dog named Maggie! Maggie has a SUPER cute personality and makes me want to take her home every time we visit. Juliet LOVED Maggie!
3 generations and one ugly pup!

The Sanfords....

When we were in Utah I got to visit one of my very best friends (a few times) Natalie. Her kids happen to be some of my kids bests friends also! Here I am meeting my new favorite Sanford, baby Cole. I wanted to steal him sooooo badly! I even liked his cry. I don't think I set him down the entire time I was there (every time). I may have even spoiled him a bit so that Nat had to hold him more when we left. Oh well....he deserves it, cute baby! I did have to fight Max for him though. Max LOVED holding him. I love this cute picture of Baby Cole!
We took the kiddos to Chick-fil-e for lunch and as we were eating we saw these monkeys pressed behind the glass.
Some of them may have been licking the glass.....
can you guess which ones? So gross. Where are their parents?


The "Up" House

In the city of Herriman in Utah there is an exact replica of House in the movie "Up"! Of course we had to stop by and check it out. I don't know why it is there, but it is and it is cool! All the kids in front of it!

So much fun!

workin' out on Papa's work out machine!

I don't know what it is but work out machines are REALLY cool to play on! Work it girl!

The Oquirh Rec Center!

I don't know if I am spelling that right but I'm gonna go with it! We needed to cool off in a pool and someone had told us the Oquirh Rec had a great pool with diving boards and a splash pool and a "dumping bucket"! It did not disappoint! Juliet did not have a nap so she was resting under my big floppy hat! Surprise! Not resting!
We packed lots of snacks so we could spend most of the day here!

Uncle Rye, chillin in sun! He looks gruff but he is really a big ol' teddy bear!
More snacks!
.....and more snacks!
Darby hopped off the chair to throw something away and it made Curtis tip! I loved this shot cause we are all laughing and Darby is running back to push the beach chair back down!
Dash is putting ice down Uncle Ryeley's pants.....shhhhhh! :)
Juliet is "tickling" Uncle Ryeley's head to help him relax. (I wonder if the ladies behind him care that they are in my blog now!?) :)

The Alpine Slide

There is a GIANT slide up in Park City. We took the kids up to try it out! It was really fun because you have to take the ski lift up to it. Kind of scary though when there is no snow underneath you but a cool experience for everyone involved! Here we are after we got off the ski lift pulling our "sleds" up to the slide. Max chose to go down the "fast" slide! The sleds have a brake system that you pull up when you want to slow down. This is the slide that goes down the WHOLE mountain with dips and curves.
Darby was up next.
She wanted to make sure she had ALL the instructions correctly. She was a little nervous because it was a little overcast and was sprinkling on our way up. One of the instructions were that if it started to rain then you needed to stop and get off your sled, take it off the slide and walk down the mountain.
Dash wasn't tall enough to ride alone (very upset about it too) so he rode with Uncle Ryeley. Uncle Rye was cool to let him have the controls though and he said that "little man" was a scary driver!
Curtis and Gracie went also. I didn't get their pictures because I had to go on the "slow" side with Juliet. It wasn't very slow and Juliet did NOT appreciate it. She kept saying/crying "dis is fun? did is fun?" I thought it was. :)

Fun at Nana's!

This is how our Summer vacation started out in Utah! We stayed at Nana and Papa's and Uncle Ryeley's house! There was a LOT of "chillaxin"! I love how she had her little feet crossed. ...and of course A LOT of time with this guy! Her favorite person in the world besides her daddy!
.......more time with this guy!
Playing dress up! "WOOOOO HOOOOO"!
Posing a pose.....ALWAYS!

scout camp

This was Max's first year at Scout Camp. The theme was "Safari"! Here he is on his first day before I could just leave him there to have fun with out me and fend for himself all day.....I had to get a quick snap shot of him! You can tell he was devastated to have me leave him for the whole day! He had a blast the whole entire week! I am so very grateful for all those who make this camp happen for them. It is all volunteer!