Summer FUN!

Can we cram any more into this trip? I don't think so! The last 2 days of a trip I think are the saddest for sure. You are cleaning and doing laundry and feeling sad that you don't get to see everyone for a full day again (or at all). I am sad that I didn't get to see everyone I wanted or visit people for as long as I wanted! Boo. 3 weeks seems so long and then all of a sudden it is time to go. I am sooooo grateful that my parents help with the financial part of the trip (gas money) so that we are able to come out here! I love that my kiddos get to know all their family out here. We either need to move here (so we can vacation other places) or we need all our family to live in one place. I see many a summers in Utah! SOOOOO I am going to try to not be sad about leaving and just be happy that we have had a GREAT summer vacation!

Things we did while here (pictures to come)

The Alpine Slide (Park City)
Classic Water Slide
The Hogle Zoo (on Kennecotts dime! Thanks Papa and Uncle Ryeley for working there)
Sleep overs at our best friends house!
Sleep over at Grandma Myrna's (with marshmellow roasting and movie screen outside)
A suprise visit from Daddy!!!!!
Birthday parties (with a suprise visit from Darth Vader)
Visits with amazing life changing friends
Another trip to Classic (with daddy this time)
Dinner at the Mayan (food poisoning but GREAT entertainment!)
Dinner at our FAVORITE Tepanyaki!!!!!!!
Tied 5, yes FIVE quilts and may do more before we leave!
Had Christmas in July/August! (Fun idea Nana!)
Ate WAY to many Dunford Chocolate donuts
Played in the RAIN!!! (for an hour and made a waterslide out of it with our snowsleds)
Went to a Movie or 2! (with the kids and on a date with B)
Vistited with family and played games! (Thanks granny)
Chinese buffets! (The kids think these are the best cause you pick your own food!)
Played in a creek and had a pic-nic!
Juliet found her Christmas present from Nana and opened it and called it her birthday present! (her birthday isn't until Dec. but she insisted it was that day so she could have her gift. That is what you get for not being so on the ball Nana!)
Cleaned my brothers house and fought with him the whole time to throw stuff away!!! (AHHHHH I will destroy the horder in him if it kills me!)
played video games WAY too long but it was fun all the same!
Celebrated a real BIRTHDAY for my Aunt Andi where we were able to play the frozen t shirt game! (a family favorite)
Walked Bingo, Nana's dog! It is one of their FAVORITE things to do and they would do it all day if they could. (and it's free)
Road bikes! (Max learned how to ride a bike!!!)
Nana and Papa work in the Nursery so Juliet got to go to nursery with them! How fun is that!?
Played poker with my brother and took his MONEY!!! (He still owes me come to think about it!)Played with my cousin and friend, Mal!
Inhearited all my dad's camping gear!
My brother made me quilting frames for my birthday (in 6 days) so I can tie as many quilts as I want at home! (thanks Rye for working in the hot sun!)

I know I am missing some things but as you can see, it will be hard to leave and go back to a non vacation sort of life because we really did "live it up" out here!

I am excited to go back to......
my husband and best friend!
my own bed
my work outs
my schedule (I love a good schedule)
friends I have missed
a budget (ha ha ha ha)
my own tv! (my mom had direct and I can't figure it out!)
my own ward.
L.A. traffic (sorry I took some crack for minute!)

I made this little list to make me feel better and it sort of does because I am truely blessed but really I'm just crying now and want us all to live by each other so I can have all the fun all the time!

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