The Oquirh Rec Center!

I don't know if I am spelling that right but I'm gonna go with it! We needed to cool off in a pool and someone had told us the Oquirh Rec had a great pool with diving boards and a splash pool and a "dumping bucket"! It did not disappoint! Juliet did not have a nap so she was resting under my big floppy hat! Surprise! Not resting!
We packed lots of snacks so we could spend most of the day here!

Uncle Rye, chillin in sun! He looks gruff but he is really a big ol' teddy bear!
More snacks!
.....and more snacks!
Darby hopped off the chair to throw something away and it made Curtis tip! I loved this shot cause we are all laughing and Darby is running back to push the beach chair back down!
Dash is putting ice down Uncle Ryeley's pants.....shhhhhh! :)
Juliet is "tickling" Uncle Ryeley's head to help him relax. (I wonder if the ladies behind him care that they are in my blog now!?) :)

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