Farewell Elder!

Sometimes you just get some really fun and amazing Elders in your area! (They are usually all amazing but for whatever reason we all really fell in love with these 2) Elder Adams was leaving and we had a little farewell dinner for him. We had to have the Gile/Camling clan over because they usually came over when we fed the missionaries to have dinner with us! Elder Grow and Elder Adams.
Elder Adams was....how do I put this...... kind of a...... smart Alec..... I may have wanted to call him something else there! I think that is why we loved him so much. He was really spiritual and really fun! On his farewell cake we wrote "we love you Elder Grow!" HAHHA HAHAHHAHHA! It was fun to see the look on his face! He quickly smooshed it out! We will miss you you Elder Adams!

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Kaela said...

Awww, we loved these Elders too! And Elder Adams was definitely a smart ass. There I said it for you! Definitely miss that duo.