The Mayan!

So, it looks like all we do is go out to eat when we are in Utah! We do eat a lot but we try to go to our favorite spots so we make memories too! This is a fun restaurant because of the entertainment and I hate to talk bad about a place but the food,..... how do I say this.......stinks. Not only was it pricey and not so good but a lot of us got sick from it. BUT the entertainment is really cool. Maybe go and get desserts or something just to see the high divers! Juliet with Uncle Ryeley! Seriously, can you tell how much she loves him? She may have him wrapped around her little finger too.
What a fun group!
She LOVED the divers! She would clap and clap for them!
This is her "PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE" face. It works almost every time. How do you say no to that?

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