more ugly!

Ok! So here we are at the end of all the ugly! This is what we started out to get. A good shot of all of us but in the process we had a ton of fun and took a LOT of ugly shots too! I love these girls and am so happy I can be hideous with them!

My hubby watched ALL our kids so we could go to our favorite restaurant together. OUTBACK! I know it's not sexy but we LOVE It! We decided a restaurant would be the best place to take pictures for our phone ID's! The uglier the better! I laugh everytime one of them calls me cause this is what I get to see!

WE were trying to see who could get the most chins in one shot!

I win again!
Still winning on the chin front!
Why is her hand on Nat's face and why is it making her so happy!
In the end we tried to get B in on it too! It wasn't that hard!

I hope they will still be my friends after I posted such beautiful pictures of all of us! We have way too much fun together!

best friends!

When Nat and Tiff came to visit so did Darby's best friends! Hailee and Hailey! They always have the best of time together! Bennett is sharing with Juliet. I think she had a crush!
All the boys!


not pretty

so here are 2 of my very best friends! They came for a visit a few months ago and we did some UGLY photo shoots! It was so much fun and sooooo funny! I love that we can be NOT pretty together! There is a LOT more ugly to come later! As for now you may just enjoy this ! :)