Juliet's blessing!

Juliet received a name and blessing on December 28th! Her daddy blessed her and she was beautiful. There came a point where she was done being in her dress! Great Grandma Carter made her blessing blanket! Thanks Granny!
"I hate everyone but Jesus!"


Brandon wants to do a puzzle for Thanksgiving every year! I HATE it because I am in the kitchen working away and he is having a blast with a puzzle party! He is still really great to help! Here we are enjoying our dinner!

We were soooo lucky to have Nana with us!

Big Sister!

Juliet LOVES her big sister!

Juliet ..... 11 weeks all ready?

Juliet is getting soooo very big! She is now 11 weeks and I am still squeezing her into her Newborn onsies! (notice how stretched they are!) She can be very serious and in an instant very smiley!

The other night we layed her down facing this Eliot doll and she spit her pacifier out and smiled at it then cooed at it for the next 5 minutes! So cute!

Done with the photo shoot!

As you can see Juliet is sick of her picture being taken and just wants to be held ...NOW!