Jenny and Aaron's visit

A little while ago Brandon's niece and her hubby and kids came and visited.  We had more Jeffords' over for a fun night of family!  The kids LOVED that Ginger had a cast!  
This little guy LOVED his uncles.  It was so much fun to see such sweet kids!

He would smile but as soon as I took the picture it would be this face!  I love it!
Darby hate hate hates this picture but I love that he is looking up at her.  So cute.
3 pees in a pod!
At one point we went outside to say our goodbyes and Uncle B became a human swing!  You can REALLY see the smiles now!

We LOVE having our family and friends visit!  The door is ALWAYS open so come on by!


Halloween Nickelodeon and ward party!

We were invited to go to Nickelodeon again for Trick or Treating.  It was on the same day as our ward party so we were in for some FUN TIMES!  Jake and Finn before we headed out!  
They thought this was HILARIOUS!!  Jake eating Finns head.
Most of the cast!
I love Juliet in this one!  Nana made her dress!  Thanks Nana!  It was PERFECT!  The ones in the store weren't nearly this good and they were 40.00!  This one she can keep for a LONG time!
Here we are at NICK with Mark Sperber (Sperbs)  I handed off my costume because it was hot and hard to get through the halls in.  I don't think he minded because everyone LOVED our costumes and Nickelodeon and he was getting TONS of comments.
Dancing in the Fairly Odd Parents room.

Nick ALWAYS puts on a great party!
The Ice King..... I say more about him in the next post!
Defeating the Ice King!

Halloween 2012 Ward Party continued!

more princess bubble gum
Jake and Finn


Marcilenne....she looked WAY better on Halloween because of her makeup!
The Ice King!  Brandon's costume was amazing and I was only able to get these 2 pictures of it!  When we went trick or treating TONS of people asked for pictures with him.  This cartoon has a HUGE following with kids and teenagers!  It was super fun!  He felt like a rock star!
Ice King and Finn.  For people who didn't' know who the Ice King was they thought he was the Heat Miser from the Rudolph cartoon.  He makes such great costumes!  Thanks to Nana too for her help on his gown.  With out her his costume would never have come together!  Now we just have to figure out what is up our sleeve for next year!

chocolate skeletens

I made these.  They were easy. And fun.  I will make them again and maybe some other kind for other holidays.  I felt VERY crafty!  The purple chocolates (no picture of them) is gross.  Don't get it.  DO try doing these though.  Get a kit from Michaels.  Seriously super easy.  If I can do it, anyone can!  

Favorite Halloween Decoration

I know Halloween is over but I had to put this picture on my blog.  This is my favorite Halloween Decoration.  My dad painted it when I was younger.   I got this one and my brother got a ghost he painted.  He also painted a creche display that I think broke over the years.  I am so happy to have this though.  TONS of childhood Halloween memories in this fun decoration and TONS more to be made!!

Darby's birthday! 12 years old!

Darby turned 12 this October.  For her birthday we got her a desk and chair for her to do her to do her homework now that she is a big jr. high girl.  She LOVED it!  We surprised her by switching the rooms around and she was really really excited.  
I can't believe she is this old!  Old enough to get a desk for her birthday instead of toys.  sigh.  Her other gifts were all big girl gifts too!  
Her new desk with her new room.  (with MY computer....she is using it for music/trying to take it over.....not gonna happen!) ;)
Her cake from Dash!
Her goofy excited face for her cake!  (she also got that cute shirt a couple days before)

Make a wish!
Hugging Juliet for her gift. (2 packs of gum)
Then  Max's gift......
A beautiful red dress.....to go with her Taylor Swift RED cd.
Daddy and I gave her the new Taylor Swift perfume.....obviously excited about it!  She is getting so old so fast.  I can't stand it!  She is so much fun and so funny....when she is not being sassy!

Dash's gift to Darby

Dash made this soda candy bar cake for Darby for her birthday.  (with my help)  She loved it!  He was really excited to give it to her!  I love that they love to give each other gifts.  SO sweet. 


Ginger's Broken Leg

Our cat Ginger broke her leg.  (or someone in our house helped her to brake her leg)  Let's just say that cats don't ALWAYS land on their feet.  Sometimes they land on their leg. And it brakes.  The end. I don't want to say much more or the cat CPS will come and take her away and we love her.  Needless to say she has a cast that has to be changed every 2 to 3 days (i.e. once every week in my book because it's $20 every time... for 6 weeks) just so long as it stays dry.  It doesn't slow her down though.  I found her on Max's bed yesterday.  That is the top bunk.  No idea how she got up there.  She still runs everywhere.  She still chases yarn and she still pounces your toes.  She is a trooper!  Her new cast is green.  I'm just happy she is and will be o.k!  We love you Ginger Snap!