Darby's birthday! 12 years old!

Darby turned 12 this October.  For her birthday we got her a desk and chair for her to do her to do her homework now that she is a big jr. high girl.  She LOVED it!  We surprised her by switching the rooms around and she was really really excited.  
I can't believe she is this old!  Old enough to get a desk for her birthday instead of toys.  sigh.  Her other gifts were all big girl gifts too!  
Her new desk with her new room.  (with MY computer....she is using it for music/trying to take it over.....not gonna happen!) ;)
Her cake from Dash!
Her goofy excited face for her cake!  (she also got that cute shirt a couple days before)

Make a wish!
Hugging Juliet for her gift. (2 packs of gum)
Then  Max's gift......
A beautiful red dress.....to go with her Taylor Swift RED cd.
Daddy and I gave her the new Taylor Swift perfume.....obviously excited about it!  She is getting so old so fast.  I can't stand it!  She is so much fun and so funny....when she is not being sassy!

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