Ginger's Broken Leg

Our cat Ginger broke her leg.  (or someone in our house helped her to brake her leg)  Let's just say that cats don't ALWAYS land on their feet.  Sometimes they land on their leg. And it brakes.  The end. I don't want to say much more or the cat CPS will come and take her away and we love her.  Needless to say she has a cast that has to be changed every 2 to 3 days (i.e. once every week in my book because it's $20 every time... for 6 weeks) just so long as it stays dry.  It doesn't slow her down though.  I found her on Max's bed yesterday.  That is the top bunk.  No idea how she got up there.  She still runs everywhere.  She still chases yarn and she still pounces your toes.  She is a trooper!  Her new cast is green.  I'm just happy she is and will be o.k!  We love you Ginger Snap! 

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