I'm thankful for turkey bums!

So on our Thankful jars we were thankful for Turkeys one day and had to do a turkey craft! I am a SUPER good artist and since daddy was working late I took it upon myself to create our turkeys. I was feelin' pretty good until Max said they looked like Turkey bums! At any rate the kids had a great time and a new tradition was created! We wrote what we were thankful for on the feathers and then anyone that came into our home wrote what they were thankful for on a feather and added it to the wall. I don't have a picture of the complete wall yet but it was great! The wall was full of "thankful" feathers from family and friends. I loved seeing what everyone said. There was health, laughter, trials, food, fun, family, friends, spouses, children and even quantem physics (SP?)! The kids had the best time and LOVED the turkeys! (Even if they did look a little like a bum!)

I love little boys....too!

My friend Alison had posed on her blog "I love little boys" and had a picture of a "guy" (the rock guy from fantastic 4.... or something like that) sitting on the toilet paper roll! I loved it and found great joy in the things little boys do and the way they play. A couple days later I went into MY bathroom and found Optimus Prime hanging by a bracelet off the toilet paper roll! I love little boys!


Thankful Jar!

Today we are thankful for scriptures. I am thankful we have them and that my kids love to read them. (Even when I don't). We were thankful yesterday for music and we listened and loved some fun dance tunes. 2 days ago it was prayer. We had to say a prayer of only thanks. It was much harder than I thought to not ask for any additional blessings.

Even though we are thankful for scriptures today I just want to say I am thankful for my friend Sharlynn. She is a great example in tons of things. I have been lazy about keeping track of our thankful jar and not wanting to blog it. I forget that I consider this my journal and will one day have it printed and bound. Sharlynn is always great to put her feelings in her blog and I love her for it. She expresses love and gratitude freely! I love you Sharlynn! Thank you for being you and for being my friend!


Thankful Jar!

So in the month of November we are doing a "Thankful Jar". We have a jar with little papers that we pull out and express thanks for whatever is on it. One day was thankful for hands, and we did a craft project with our hands. Another day was thankful for grandparents and we call them and tell them we love them. We have been thankful for computers, eyes, hands, sisters, books, and our home so far. It will go on and on for this month. So far it has been really been for the kiddos and I haven't reflected much on it. Today we are Thankful for our brothers.

I just wanted to say that I have the BEST brother ever. He is a total example to me and I love him more than he will ever know. He works harder than most people. He is a single parent and does more than I could fathom for his kids and does it on his own. He is a loyal and faithful friend and those are hard to come by these days. He listens and tries to cheer you up when you need it. He is one of the funniest people I know! I don't do him justice but he really is the best. I love him and consider him one of my best friends. I am so lucky he is my brother! Master Blaster!!!!!! My little brother! I love you!


Love my Man!

I don't want to brag..... but I have to! I love my husband! We had a long talk the other night about the things I need. (Me being whiny and needy). Every wife needs to feel special. He makes me feel special every day. Today I came home from dropping the kids off to school and he was frantically sweeping the dining room and living room. I asked him why he was doing it and he said so that I knew I was "his world"! I melted right there. Who knew sweeping could have that effect!? I also asked him in passing if he would fix something on the computer and I logged on this afternoon to see that it had been done. Again melted. I love that he thinks about me when I am not around and wants to do things to make me happy. I hope that I can make him 1/2 as happy as he makes me.

I know this was squishy but he needs a shout out for being AMAZING! I LOVE YOU B!

Quote of the day!

I overheard the boys playing "Dodge ball is bad for babies I said!"

time to go in and get Juliet out of there!

Things you never thought you would hear or say as a parent!

I want to know why little boys (4 yrs old) think it is ok to jump on your back when you are sitting on the floor after they shower! They are wet and cold and not to mention naked! Dash did this to B the other night and heard B say "get your wiener off my back!" Never thought I would hear that as a parent and I am sure he never thought he would have to say it. This morning Dash was on Brandon's shoulders, just hanging out with dad. I heard him say, under his breath, "I just farted on your neck." Again something I never thought I would hear as a parent. I am sure glad it was his neck and not mine! :)


Quote of the day!

So Darby just came in all hunched over with one hand behind her back and the other hand holding up the 3 fingers and said "I just wanted to see what it was like to have a bump in my back and one hand and only 3 fingers on my other hand!" Where do they think of these things?

Halloween! Halloween! So much Fun on Halloween!

This is Darby's pile o' candy from our Trick-or-Treating! (Note the abundance of FULL SIZE candy bars!) Here is Dash's Pile (people were giving that stinker handfuls!) Most of his full size bars are burried underneath his MOUNTAIN of "fun size" bars!
Max's pile! FULL of M&M's! He was a Red M&M for Halloween and people thought he LOVED them so they kept giving him tons of M&M's. (he likes them ok but his favorite is 3 Musketeers)

Here we are at Trunk or Treat. B dressed up for the contest at work. He said he doesn't think he won anything because there were more creative costumes. (He works at a movie company with artists....need I say more?) When he went out to lunch he did get a free desert from the restaurant because they loved his costume so much! I was just a cow girl, but you can't see my furry chaps! They were Awesome! I hated doing my hair on Sunday though because I wore the wig for 2 days and after taking it off....my hair seemed short and drab! Time to grow it out! :)

Juliet was Poison Ivy. She wouldn't wear her head band so we had to get the shot quick! We sprayed her hair red....she kind of looked like she was going for the greek toga look, but I knew what she was!
Slash came to our trunk or treat so we had to get him and Gene together!
The Octo-mom showed up to trunk or treat too! Crazy who comes to things in L.A. :) (My friend Katie! SO funny!)
Max and Dash! Max's costume was an old dance costume of mine. (a 7-up dot that my mom made for our dance team....that makes me feel super old) Brandon doctored it up and we had the cutest M&M ever! People don't make home-made costumes that much anymore!
Darby found more dance costumes from our dress up box and she was a super feathery Cat! So cute!

We had tons of fun and trunk or treat and trick or treating! I love the home-made costumes and I think we will do that more in the years to come. I have tons of good memories of that! All though it did help that my mom could sew! :)

Red Robin Gourmet Burger

A while ago I received an email to enter a contest for a Red Robin Cook Book for kids. I asked Darby if she wanted to do it and she came up with burger on her own and we submitted it! Well she WON! She is still in the running to win and be in the top 10 nationally but she won for our local restaurant. She gets a poster with her name and her gourmet burger listed for the month of Nov. (You can see it hanging on the poster behind her) She also won a 40.00 gift card that she took us out to dinner with. The manager came over and congratulated her and gave her a laminated poster to take home. VERY COOL! Her burger idea was from a recipe we have at home all the time. She created the Candy Chicken Bacon Burger. We have a yummy recipe of candy chicken that we tweaked a bit to make it a little more candy like. She wanted to add Bacon to the burger and cheese is optional. SOOOO Yummy. Even if she doesn't place in the top ten she still gets her recipe in the Red Robin Children's cook book. If she wins overall then her burger will go on the menu! SO COOL! Good Job Darby!

On the move!

Juliet has been crawling now for a couple months but here is a picture of her when she just started! She would crawl on her hands and knees but when she really needed to get some where fast she would stay on her knees and drop down to here forearms. Not quite and army crawl. Man could she move. I don't know if you can see it but she is trying to get to a Diet Coke bottle! A women after my own heart! She was sad because it was empty! :)

1st Day of School

So here is the first day of school in Sunny California. Max is starting the 1st grade with Mrs. Faraji and Darby is starting the 3rd grade with Miss Inbar. they looked soooo cute ! thanks to Nana! :)
They both look out for each other. They have the same recess and I really like that. "We're a pack of Jeffords and Jeffords stick together"!