Love my Man!

I don't want to brag..... but I have to! I love my husband! We had a long talk the other night about the things I need. (Me being whiny and needy). Every wife needs to feel special. He makes me feel special every day. Today I came home from dropping the kids off to school and he was frantically sweeping the dining room and living room. I asked him why he was doing it and he said so that I knew I was "his world"! I melted right there. Who knew sweeping could have that effect!? I also asked him in passing if he would fix something on the computer and I logged on this afternoon to see that it had been done. Again melted. I love that he thinks about me when I am not around and wants to do things to make me happy. I hope that I can make him 1/2 as happy as he makes me.

I know this was squishy but he needs a shout out for being AMAZING! I LOVE YOU B!


Kimberly said...

I think Brandon ROCKS all of our worlds!!! We love you too B!

Brandon said...

No thanks needed. I owe you big time...and then some.