Halloween! Halloween! So much Fun on Halloween!

This is Darby's pile o' candy from our Trick-or-Treating! (Note the abundance of FULL SIZE candy bars!) Here is Dash's Pile (people were giving that stinker handfuls!) Most of his full size bars are burried underneath his MOUNTAIN of "fun size" bars!
Max's pile! FULL of M&M's! He was a Red M&M for Halloween and people thought he LOVED them so they kept giving him tons of M&M's. (he likes them ok but his favorite is 3 Musketeers)

Here we are at Trunk or Treat. B dressed up for the contest at work. He said he doesn't think he won anything because there were more creative costumes. (He works at a movie company with artists....need I say more?) When he went out to lunch he did get a free desert from the restaurant because they loved his costume so much! I was just a cow girl, but you can't see my furry chaps! They were Awesome! I hated doing my hair on Sunday though because I wore the wig for 2 days and after taking it off....my hair seemed short and drab! Time to grow it out! :)

Juliet was Poison Ivy. She wouldn't wear her head band so we had to get the shot quick! We sprayed her hair red....she kind of looked like she was going for the greek toga look, but I knew what she was!
Slash came to our trunk or treat so we had to get him and Gene together!
The Octo-mom showed up to trunk or treat too! Crazy who comes to things in L.A. :) (My friend Katie! SO funny!)
Max and Dash! Max's costume was an old dance costume of mine. (a 7-up dot that my mom made for our dance team....that makes me feel super old) Brandon doctored it up and we had the cutest M&M ever! People don't make home-made costumes that much anymore!
Darby found more dance costumes from our dress up box and she was a super feathery Cat! So cute!

We had tons of fun and trunk or treat and trick or treating! I love the home-made costumes and I think we will do that more in the years to come. I have tons of good memories of that! All though it did help that my mom could sew! :)


Sharlynn said...

Cute cute. YOu guys are so fun! You do look great with long hair. I want to grow mine out too.

cheri said...

We did mostly homemade costumes this year and I have to say, I agree with you. SOOOO much more fun and creativity involved! We need to start a revolution...homemade costumes, more fun and easier on the checkbook.