Hoping October will bring more sleep!

It may look cute here, but it is all a farce! They go to bed like angels but every night for the past couple months Dash has come into bed with me and Brandon. We are finally braking him of that and Max started in on the "fun". It has been about 3 weeks of him. They all go to Brandon's side of the bed because I am WAY to scary to wake up! 2 nights ago was a braking point for both of us. Max comes in and wakes you up in an inaudible whisper that inevitably makes you yell at him. He says he has a bad dream (every night) about Rumpel Stylskin (sp?) or a stranger dressed up like a stranger! (Both are in his prayers every night so we will be safe from either.) After 2 hours of going back and forth from his room to our floor (my new rule: you sleep in here, you sleep on the floor) we finally lost it. B and I yelled at each other and then at Max. (the scary kind of yelling that is extra scary when it is late and sleep deprived) I ended up with Max singing and praying (mixed with threatenings of losing the DS and the TV) and he finally fell asleep. The next morning he thanked me for singing to him and helping him. YAY! I was the winner for once.....usually B saves the day every time! (I just have them in clean clothes, with full bellies, and a tidy house). At any rate, last night he came in and asked for me to sing to him (after the yelling at him to stop whispering/mouthing the words). We will see what tonight will bring! Also last night Dash bypassed Brandon AND me like a slealth ninja and sneaked in the middle of us both to fall asleep. It wasn't until he tried to put his hand down my shirt?????? (it's a comfort thing to rest your hand in someones cleavage isn't it?) that I realized he was there. Being to tired and now annoyed at his roaming hands I rolled over to wake up 30 mins later to little feet in my back. If he is not comforted by cleavage he must lie sideways to put his cold little feet under your shirt on your back OR sleep tightly in the small of your back so you are falling off the bed in a pool of your own sweat! OH and I am huge and have the pleasure of the kicking, squirming, rolling INSIDE my belly too. I guess I have to get over it and remember I did the same (most of the same) to my parents for much longer and be glad they go to Brandon's side of the bed still. (I think they get up more than I know!) ;D


Bedtime for Darby and Callie!

When Brandon was tucking the kids in he found Darby and Callie ready for bed (like any other night) and left them to tuck in and sing to the boys. When he got back to Darby he found both her and Callie asleep! What sweet babies!

Nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu BATMAN!

Max has wanted the Batman Lego game for DS since they started advertising it in July. It came on the market officially on Sept. 22nd. He begged and begged and we sat down and talked about him saving for 1/2 and we would do the other 1/2 or Santa would have to bring it. He came home on Wednesday in tears because he just didn't think he could wait and it would take FOREVER for him to save that much! I was at my end with all the reasoning and tried to get a hold of Brandon who was in a meeting. Next step was to call Nana and I had to preface the phone call with "Mom, you can't do the Nana thing and go out and buy it because he wants it. He is calling you for a solution only." They worked out a plan that he could make a chart with 30 circles (not squares because he isn't good at those yet) and mark off 30 EXTRA jobs that he did for mom or dad and she would help him buy the game. He had to earn it though by doing EXTRA jobs! We don't pay for jobs at our house but these were extra and he was done crying so I went along! I have to say that Max did a GREAT job working for this game. He would ask every day if I had some jobs for him. He never complained when they were hard jobs and most of them were. (Brandon even had him scrub a tub....but he got a couple x's for that one). He was really good to ask for EXTRA and not assume that every job received an x! In the end I was so very proud of him. With Nana's help he solved a problem, worked really hard, and was rewarded for his efforts. Way to go Max!!!!
AHHHHHHH! Enjoying the fruits of my labors! Dash is admiring the chart that Max made and I am sure thinking of something he can work for too!
For now Dash will just enjoy along side his brother.


Our Beckham Blazers!

The kids got their new school spirit shirts and were ready to wear them on "spirit Friday". Dash didn't want to be left out so he is wearing Darby's last year shirt. It looked a lot like a night shirt on him but it matched the other kids because the shirts ran big this year. Next Friday is "Super Spirit Friday"! That day you wear your shirt and you can buy candy and soda after school. Guess who's mom sells the super spirit candy? That's right! ME! It was tons of fun to see my kids come up to the line and brag that their mom was the lady selling the candy this year. I am in charge of the kindergarten door booth. (You can also buy over by the 5th grade doors). Dash is my helper, but he really spends more than he helps! As you can see in the picture though he has a lot of "Beckham Spirit"!


Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall Y'all! In honor of the first day of fall (only 4 days late) I made caramel apples! The kids didn't know really what to think of them but they had a good time getting sticky! My mom used to make these for us and it is a great memory for me! Thanks Nana!
It took Darby a while to get through the caramel and break into the apple!
Max chose to eat and lick off the caramel then eat the apple!
Brandon was surprised to open the fridge and see a fun treat for after dinner! He enjoyed right along with the kiddos!


Crazy Jeffords/Thomas clan!

When we went to Utah this summer we got to see some of our best friends from Texas, the Thomas'! It was tons of fun to see them and as you can see they fit in with our clan! You can't tell who's kid is who's because one is as goofy as the next. We had a great time with them and the only bad part was saying good bye! I am going to blog the rest of our Utah trip this week but when I found this picture it made me laugh to the point that I needed to share right away! What fun kiddos! (Top: Curtis, my nephew. Middle: Gracie, my niece, Darby, and Hailey Thomas. Bottom: Tanner Thomas, Max, and Dash.)

Library Station!

Our Library Station! Darby's teacher sent a note home and asked that we set up a special, comfortable place to read and encourage reading as "fun"! SO being "every woman" I carved out a corner in the dining room. We have comfy bean bags that Nana gave us and a couple pillows and the library books (maybe this way they won't get lost). I love to hear Darby say "Let's go read in the Library Station". Who knows how long it will last for her or me. I am sure the first time I feel to cluttered or have to vacuum over there it will be one of the first things to go, but as for now it is there to enjoy and makes me feel like a "good mom". (Now if I will just read to them!) I love that their favorite way to read is in their undies! Isn't that everyone's favorite way to read?


Darby the example!

The other day Darby came to Brandon and I with an Oriental Trading magazine turned to some religious "jelly" bracelets. She was concerned because they said things like "Got God?" and "Jesus Rocks!". She said to us, "It's like Got Milk or something mom! That just doesn't sound very good!" I loved that she is sensitive enough to know that those things are sacred and not to be taken lightly or that they are not trivial like these silly little phrases. Brandon explained to her that sometimes people are trying to be close to Heavenly Father by being silly like that. She was still not amused. She also took it upon herself to let our neighbor girl (who she plays with a lot) that we like to call God, Heavenly Father and she should too. I told Darby we call Him God also and she replied, "Yea mom, but that is very sacred and really only for special occasions or something like that". She is such a big girl and when ever I worry about her baptism interview she surprises me with comments like these showing her love for her Father in Heaven and her Savior. What a great example!

Dashel, Dashel, Dashel!

Dash LOVES to pose for the camera! Sometimes he will just come to wherever I am and ask for a picture or two of himself! He will say "Oh mom, this is so cute. Take a picture!" He always keeps us laughing though with the best poses and the very best faces! He is truly a Jeffords! Some of his poses are very very tuff and manly ! Some of them he chooses to dress up like Elton John! Not so tuff or manly!
And some he chooses not to get dressed at all! (He really just went to the potty and ditched his undies because he was afraid I would make the muffins with out him. I was putting out a different fire and came back to a naked muffin helper.....needless to say I chose to eat cereal this morning!)


Go Texas Rangers!

We got tickets to the Texas Rangers vs. The Los Angeles Angels for last Friday night. A friend at church had extra and we were able to make it a family date! SOOOOO much fun! We sat behind the Quinn family (also friends from church) and it was a pretty good thing because they knew all the ins and outs of what you can and can't bring into the stadium. They were a great "hook-up" of treats and we would have been lost with out them!
The family enjoying the game! We have only been to one other Ranger game with other friends who had "box" seats. We had to explain over and over that this time would be nothing like that time. Last time we went Max asked if we could move in there! It was nice but this experience was really fun too. Please don't ask me to choose one way or the other ..... I am sure you would choose the same as me if you had been there! :0

Darby and I didn't mean to match, it just worked out that way. You can see the sad supply of treats I tried to sneak in my purse. I didn't know you can bring in anything not glass or alcoholic.

Daddy with his buddies! Darby and Max always great to entertain each other. You can tell by the sweaty heads and hairdo's that it is still scorching in Texas.

Notice the very happy face on Max and his cotton candy. Mommy sent daddy to get 1 to share and he came back with 3. Dads are so much more fun than moms.... most of the time!

Never a dull moment when cotton candy is involved!

Dash didn't know what to think about cotton candy. It was his first time ever having it and he was a bit confused. He still enjoyed it, but only ate half. I was going to buy them all a giant slurpee until I noticed only adults were buying them. I realized they were real Margaritas! I am sure that would have been a surprise to all involved. They probably would have slept better than with the cotton candy!


Food Glorious Food!

What is going on in my life that I NEED to eat at 10:45 p.m.? I will tell you! This crazy amazing thing called pregnancy! It's not just when you HAVE to eat it is what you HAVE to eat. Tonight it is pepperonis and swiss cheese (2 pieces of cheese and a honker handful of pepperoni and a nice large glass of c.f. Diet coke)! What?!?!?!? Who eats that? I was apparently hungry earlier too when I ate 1/4 (we'll be honest and say 1/3) of the rice crispie treats with Halloween m&m's. I didn't realize how hungry I was until B lovingly pointed it out! If I don't eat now then I will be up at 2 am and angry at everyone because I have to eat or barf! I am lucky though with this pregnancy to be on a miracle medicine for heart burn! Once a day and I can eat pepperoni at 10:45 or a chimichunga at 11:30 (Who really eats that in real life?) I've only gained a total of 7 lbs so I won't complain to much! (Don't give me to much credit for the mini gain... we had diarrhea for like a month straight....thanks crypto virus..... and I was chubby to begin with. ) Anyway.... I must be off to bed before the hunger strikes again!

Food I will dream about this pregnancy: Pickles (dill), Margaritas (no alcohol, so Brandon calls it a 4$ slurpee but oh that salty sour glass of glory is so prego-licious!), Pepperoni, Swiss cheese, Lemon Chips, Bacon, GRAPEFRUIT (LOVE IT), salad that I don't have to make, Bleu Cheese dressing, Twix, pink grapefruit juice.... anything with out garlic!


Mother of the Year!

I will often steel this award from one or two of my good friends and today is that day. Yesterday Darby asked if I could eat lunch with her at school today (Friday). I told her it was not a good day because I was helping in Max's class and Dash would be at a babysitter and I can bring Dash to lunch so next Friday would be a better idea. She was very upset and didn't understand that if I was there why not just stay and eat with her. "Well, sweetie, I will be done with Max's class at 11:30 and your lunch is 12:45 and I don't want to take advantage of a babysitter with Dash so I will come next Friday." She settled down a little and it was time for bed. Brandon does the bedtime here so I was finished for the night. Everything went well in Max's class and Dash had a lovely day at the Mathew's. At 1:15 I got a call from the school letting me know that Darby was VERY upset and not eating because she was waiting for me because she just knew I would be there! The PRINCIPAL had to make a deal with her to get her to eat. I explained I was coming next Friday and apologized to all involved. I then called B very upset that our daughter has been soooooo emotional lately and what do you think is wrong with her? "Oh Sue, I am afraid this is my fault. When I tucked her in I told her of course mom will eat with you because she will be at the school anyway." CRAP! I even missed Darby's cues this morning when I asked her if she wanted a packed lunch or pizza day at school. She replied "pizza day! (wink wink)" Thank you for the cute wink but what ever! (I take lunch to her when we eat together and she didn't want to upset Max...wink wink). I ran to Wal-Mart and bought frosted cookies and napkins. Ran to the school to pass them out to her class as the bell was ringing to see if I could redeem myself in any one's eyes including my own. The cookies were a hit and her teacher said she was fine. I talked to Darby about it and she promised not to get so emotional next time (so the principal doesn't have to be called in) and with one last dagger to my heart ("I even prayed for you to know it was lunch time") she forgave me and our miscommunication! I proudly accept this Mother of the Year award and would like to thank everyone who made it possible! Thank you Wal-Mart for having cookies and self check out! Thank you to the teachers and secretaries for being so willing to call and help take care of my babies and most of all My dear husband, I wouldn't have been able to do this with out you! :)


Better Together!

Brandon and I have a really fun story about dating and not dating, being engaged then not being engaged, then being engaged again. The story gets better every time it is told and changes when different people tell it! The bottom line is we are together and we are better together than we could ever be apart! I love that crazy, special, unique man and would choose him over again if I had the choice! Someone once said that if we walked into a room today and didn't know each other we would find each other and end up together. I really believe that! Through all our ups and downs, ins and outs, goods and bads, he truly makes me a better person and I would be lost with out him! I sure do love you B! Thanks for making me "The happiest girl in the whole U.S.A."! (By the way Dash took this picture! What talent!)


Music! Music! Music!

I know, I know, you all told me not to do the music thing but it was just too tempting! I HATE getting on a blog and hearing someones favorite rap song or something funky I would never listen to. It wasn't until Natalie's blog that I loved the play list thing! I found myself logging on to her blog just to listen to her sweet tunes! I tried to create a "mood" to go with the blog reading! I guess what I am saying is, if you don't like it turn it down or use the pause button! :) BUT if you want to hear some really cool, relaxing, different, amazing songs then sit back and enjoy! (Sorry Hil) :P

Callie-Co Padme Thomas Jeffords

This is Callie! She used to be the Thomas' cat but when they moved she became a Jeffords! We sure love her! She is quiet, except at 6 a.m. when she feels it is her duty to wake us all for the day. (She starts with the kids first). She doesn't really like to sit on your lap, unless forced by Dash or Darby. She loves kitty treats and comes when you shake the bag! She only sheds in clumps which makes the clean up very easy! According to Hailey Thomas her birthday is April 1st and that is lovely because we have no other April birthdays at our house! We are lucky to have such a fun (low maintenance) addition to our family! Callie is one of Darby's best friends. Darb is the one that feeds her and brushes her and Callie sleeps in Darb's room! Darby even spent her allowance on a heart pendant for Callie's collar that has her name and our phone #. Last week Darby spent her baby sitting money on a witch hat/costume for Callie for Halloween! Darby is by far Callie's favorite person in the house!

Dash and Jordy!

This is one of Dash's best friends Jordyn! He calls her Jordy (with a french accent Schordy!) That is how he says all of his "J"s. (Schacket, Schuice, and so on!) He and Jordy love and hate each other almost like a brother and sister! We used to babysit Jordy but now she is in preschool and Dash asks when she will be "home" all the time!

Speaking in Church!

When Brandon and I speak in a new ward we have a tradition that we write each others introduction but we don't get to read it until we are on the stand. It is very exciting and a little nerve wracking! We are sure to let the ward in on our fun so they are as interested to see what is in the envelope as the person speaking! I had the awesome opportunity to speak a couple weeks ago (with out Brandon). This is what my sweetie wrote for me word for word!

Suzy's Introduction by Brandon Jeffords!

Most effective if spoken in "rap" form (possibly with a member of the Bishopric performing beat box... optional...)
Yo, Yo, Yo Arlington 6th..... check it....

Before I take you on a journey to a spiritual place
I thought I'd introduce myself and give you a taste
of this girl called Suzy J or Sister Jeffords by my peeps
So let's hope rapping in a talk doesn't give you the creeps.
I'm a mother of three - one girl and two boys
I've got one more in the oven to add to my joys.
The oldest is Darby so lively and calm
She draws like her dad, and makes friends like her mom.
Max is the middle, with his smile and blue eyes
don't mess with his nintendo or steal his Star Wars guys.
Dashel is an angel, my husband and I will vouch
Unless he has a marker near a wall or a couch.
My husband is the artist type, handsome as can be
but enough about him, let's talk about me.
Cruisin' in my mini-van down the Arlington streets
Blaring Dora the Explorer tunes as I'm Keeping the beat.
A dancer I once was, a dance teacher I became
Now Turbo Kick Boxing instructing has become my claim to fame.
My only vice may be those books by author Stephanie Meyer
So much that I wish my husband was "Twilight" vampire.
At the end of the day Reality TV is my reviver
So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol and Survivor.
I really love the gospel which is why I'm here today
So let me start my talk without any more delay!

This is DJ Sister J signing out, Yo!

I really love my hubby! I cried through the whole thing which took away from the rap! It is cool to see how someone else sees you! He is a great sport and a talented rapper! My only saving grace is that he will be asked to speak soon and I get to write his intro! I am feeling an interpretive dance with some sign language! :)

Little Brother Was Never Quit Right!

This is my little brother Ryeley! He looks scary but he is really a big fat softy! Sometimes when I call to talk to him we sing the Eddie Rabbit song "Rocky Mountain Music" and that is where I got my title line! It fits! He makes me laugh all the time and when I am upset he can't stand it so he tries his hardest to make me feel better! My nick name for him is Master Blaster (from Mad Max beyond Thunderdome) and he calls me Slayer! I am so proud of all he does! He works a crazy hard job that he's really good at and he is a single dad and gives his everything to his kids! He is a great friend, one of my best! Ryeley at Tepanyaki, one of our favorite restaurants in Utah. He went ahead and lifted his shirt post dinner so that I would feel better about what I ate!


Dash is "expecting"!

Dash seems to think that he has 4 babies in his tummy! He is "suffering" right a long with mom! (His pain is worse due to the quads!) When he has a tummy ache he says the babies are pushing on his tummy and when he has to throw up it is the babies fault also! They all have names too. Hailey, Hailee , Callie-Co, and Softly! The last is what he thinks our babies name should be if it is a girl! Hailey and Hailee are two best friends that moved away and Callie is our cat that he loves to torture! I am sure glad I have a buddy to go through this pregnancy with!


1st day of school!

Max and Darby started school the end of August. Max was our big kindergartener! He was soooooo excited. Darby started the second grade. She was excited to have Max in school with her! Max has Mrs. Topp as his teacher, the same as Darby had! We LOVE her! Darby has Mrs. Srader and so far she is perfect for Darby! We didn't have an apple for the first day so the kids took a plum for their teachers and they loved them! :) I only cried for a good 10 minutes then drank my tears away with good friends and good Diet Coke at our "boo hoo" breakfast at McDonalds! My babies are getting so very big! I am glad Dash is still home with mommy!

blogging virgin

This is my first time and it is sooooo much fun! I have to take back all the bad stuff I said about all the bloggers in my life! Hilary helped me set it all up and as scary as it is, it is really fun! I am a computer spaz so it will take me a while to get it all but I am really excited to journal and share (or over share) with my friends and family! It is exciting to have a place to record my kids triumphs and trials as well as mine! What a great new tool! I LOVE IT!