Go Texas Rangers!

We got tickets to the Texas Rangers vs. The Los Angeles Angels for last Friday night. A friend at church had extra and we were able to make it a family date! SOOOOO much fun! We sat behind the Quinn family (also friends from church) and it was a pretty good thing because they knew all the ins and outs of what you can and can't bring into the stadium. They were a great "hook-up" of treats and we would have been lost with out them!
The family enjoying the game! We have only been to one other Ranger game with other friends who had "box" seats. We had to explain over and over that this time would be nothing like that time. Last time we went Max asked if we could move in there! It was nice but this experience was really fun too. Please don't ask me to choose one way or the other ..... I am sure you would choose the same as me if you had been there! :0

Darby and I didn't mean to match, it just worked out that way. You can see the sad supply of treats I tried to sneak in my purse. I didn't know you can bring in anything not glass or alcoholic.

Daddy with his buddies! Darby and Max always great to entertain each other. You can tell by the sweaty heads and hairdo's that it is still scorching in Texas.

Notice the very happy face on Max and his cotton candy. Mommy sent daddy to get 1 to share and he came back with 3. Dads are so much more fun than moms.... most of the time!

Never a dull moment when cotton candy is involved!

Dash didn't know what to think about cotton candy. It was his first time ever having it and he was a bit confused. He still enjoyed it, but only ate half. I was going to buy them all a giant slurpee until I noticed only adults were buying them. I realized they were real Margaritas! I am sure that would have been a surprise to all involved. They probably would have slept better than with the cotton candy!


Chris and Mary said...

We went to a few Rangers games while we were there: SO much fun! Yeah, I totally wanted one of those "slurpee" things, but then Chris realized they were margaritas haha...and I was too young to have one at the time anyway, if I weren't LDS/pregnant/intelligent/etc. We love your blog!

Dane and Natalie said...

Good...you're catching up to our apparent baseball addiction. You better prep yourselves because when we move back to TX we will be enjoying many a baseball game together!

Sharlynn said...

You are so funny. Okay are you sure you are pregnant? You can't even tell in those pictures. You look good girl. Wish it could have been the Scivally's that the game with you. We sure miss you guys!

scott said...

The Jeffords just moved up a notch on the coolness scale in my book. Now if we can just get you to go in on season tickets with us...