Speaking in Church!

When Brandon and I speak in a new ward we have a tradition that we write each others introduction but we don't get to read it until we are on the stand. It is very exciting and a little nerve wracking! We are sure to let the ward in on our fun so they are as interested to see what is in the envelope as the person speaking! I had the awesome opportunity to speak a couple weeks ago (with out Brandon). This is what my sweetie wrote for me word for word!

Suzy's Introduction by Brandon Jeffords!

Most effective if spoken in "rap" form (possibly with a member of the Bishopric performing beat box... optional...)
Yo, Yo, Yo Arlington 6th..... check it....

Before I take you on a journey to a spiritual place
I thought I'd introduce myself and give you a taste
of this girl called Suzy J or Sister Jeffords by my peeps
So let's hope rapping in a talk doesn't give you the creeps.
I'm a mother of three - one girl and two boys
I've got one more in the oven to add to my joys.
The oldest is Darby so lively and calm
She draws like her dad, and makes friends like her mom.
Max is the middle, with his smile and blue eyes
don't mess with his nintendo or steal his Star Wars guys.
Dashel is an angel, my husband and I will vouch
Unless he has a marker near a wall or a couch.
My husband is the artist type, handsome as can be
but enough about him, let's talk about me.
Cruisin' in my mini-van down the Arlington streets
Blaring Dora the Explorer tunes as I'm Keeping the beat.
A dancer I once was, a dance teacher I became
Now Turbo Kick Boxing instructing has become my claim to fame.
My only vice may be those books by author Stephanie Meyer
So much that I wish my husband was "Twilight" vampire.
At the end of the day Reality TV is my reviver
So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol and Survivor.
I really love the gospel which is why I'm here today
So let me start my talk without any more delay!

This is DJ Sister J signing out, Yo!

I really love my hubby! I cried through the whole thing which took away from the rap! It is cool to see how someone else sees you! He is a great sport and a talented rapper! My only saving grace is that he will be asked to speak soon and I get to write his intro! I am feeling an interpretive dance with some sign language! :)

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