Nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu BATMAN!

Max has wanted the Batman Lego game for DS since they started advertising it in July. It came on the market officially on Sept. 22nd. He begged and begged and we sat down and talked about him saving for 1/2 and we would do the other 1/2 or Santa would have to bring it. He came home on Wednesday in tears because he just didn't think he could wait and it would take FOREVER for him to save that much! I was at my end with all the reasoning and tried to get a hold of Brandon who was in a meeting. Next step was to call Nana and I had to preface the phone call with "Mom, you can't do the Nana thing and go out and buy it because he wants it. He is calling you for a solution only." They worked out a plan that he could make a chart with 30 circles (not squares because he isn't good at those yet) and mark off 30 EXTRA jobs that he did for mom or dad and she would help him buy the game. He had to earn it though by doing EXTRA jobs! We don't pay for jobs at our house but these were extra and he was done crying so I went along! I have to say that Max did a GREAT job working for this game. He would ask every day if I had some jobs for him. He never complained when they were hard jobs and most of them were. (Brandon even had him scrub a tub....but he got a couple x's for that one). He was really good to ask for EXTRA and not assume that every job received an x! In the end I was so very proud of him. With Nana's help he solved a problem, worked really hard, and was rewarded for his efforts. Way to go Max!!!!
AHHHHHHH! Enjoying the fruits of my labors! Dash is admiring the chart that Max made and I am sure thinking of something he can work for too!
For now Dash will just enjoy along side his brother.

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Heather said...

I love the picture of Dash and Max sitting next to each other with there backs to you. What a sweet brother moment.Hopefully many more to come. By the way I like that idea what a smart mom you have.