Callie-Co Padme Thomas Jeffords

This is Callie! She used to be the Thomas' cat but when they moved she became a Jeffords! We sure love her! She is quiet, except at 6 a.m. when she feels it is her duty to wake us all for the day. (She starts with the kids first). She doesn't really like to sit on your lap, unless forced by Dash or Darby. She loves kitty treats and comes when you shake the bag! She only sheds in clumps which makes the clean up very easy! According to Hailey Thomas her birthday is April 1st and that is lovely because we have no other April birthdays at our house! We are lucky to have such a fun (low maintenance) addition to our family! Callie is one of Darby's best friends. Darb is the one that feeds her and brushes her and Callie sleeps in Darb's room! Darby even spent her allowance on a heart pendant for Callie's collar that has her name and our phone #. Last week Darby spent her baby sitting money on a witch hat/costume for Callie for Halloween! Darby is by far Callie's favorite person in the house!

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