Hoping October will bring more sleep!

It may look cute here, but it is all a farce! They go to bed like angels but every night for the past couple months Dash has come into bed with me and Brandon. We are finally braking him of that and Max started in on the "fun". It has been about 3 weeks of him. They all go to Brandon's side of the bed because I am WAY to scary to wake up! 2 nights ago was a braking point for both of us. Max comes in and wakes you up in an inaudible whisper that inevitably makes you yell at him. He says he has a bad dream (every night) about Rumpel Stylskin (sp?) or a stranger dressed up like a stranger! (Both are in his prayers every night so we will be safe from either.) After 2 hours of going back and forth from his room to our floor (my new rule: you sleep in here, you sleep on the floor) we finally lost it. B and I yelled at each other and then at Max. (the scary kind of yelling that is extra scary when it is late and sleep deprived) I ended up with Max singing and praying (mixed with threatenings of losing the DS and the TV) and he finally fell asleep. The next morning he thanked me for singing to him and helping him. YAY! I was the winner for once.....usually B saves the day every time! (I just have them in clean clothes, with full bellies, and a tidy house). At any rate, last night he came in and asked for me to sing to him (after the yelling at him to stop whispering/mouthing the words). We will see what tonight will bring! Also last night Dash bypassed Brandon AND me like a slealth ninja and sneaked in the middle of us both to fall asleep. It wasn't until he tried to put his hand down my shirt?????? (it's a comfort thing to rest your hand in someones cleavage isn't it?) that I realized he was there. Being to tired and now annoyed at his roaming hands I rolled over to wake up 30 mins later to little feet in my back. If he is not comforted by cleavage he must lie sideways to put his cold little feet under your shirt on your back OR sleep tightly in the small of your back so you are falling off the bed in a pool of your own sweat! OH and I am huge and have the pleasure of the kicking, squirming, rolling INSIDE my belly too. I guess I have to get over it and remember I did the same (most of the same) to my parents for much longer and be glad they go to Brandon's side of the bed still. (I think they get up more than I know!) ;D


Mandie said...

Yeah- let me know how that goes. LOL! We're spending our nights wrestling the twins, and they're ALWAYS on my side, never Jons!!

Chris and Mary said...

haha Ohhh what we have to look forward to! ;)
I am ready to have this baby, but then again, I'm praying she will be a week late so that I can take my finals on time! haha I'm most ready to have her when she won't let me read my textbooks in peace--always squirming, moving, rolling, kicking!
MANNNNNNN We are going to miss being there for Thanksgiving! We've been there for the past two years! I think we're going to Grandma's, but we will totally miss your place and bingo for sure!

Dane and Natalie said...

Why can't everyone just sleep in their own bed all night long? I haven't figured that one out either. Obviously...I have a family full of sleep issues. I'm sure my favorite forever will be the vomiter, Jon Benet Ramses the 3rd. I added "the 3rd" to his naughty name because Ramses just wasn't long enough when you're trying to yell at him. Maybe one day we will sleep again! Tell Dershwan to keep his ice toes off your back. That would put me right into labor!

Krisanne said...

OK...so I was blog cruising today and came across your name on Sharlynn's blog. Just thought I'd say "hi" and "whassup". We miss Texas, and it's so fun to hear the references in your blog to all the people we knew! Sounds like things are going great for you all...I'd love to hear from you (klkjut@yahoo.com)

Krisanne Lewis