Darby the example!

The other day Darby came to Brandon and I with an Oriental Trading magazine turned to some religious "jelly" bracelets. She was concerned because they said things like "Got God?" and "Jesus Rocks!". She said to us, "It's like Got Milk or something mom! That just doesn't sound very good!" I loved that she is sensitive enough to know that those things are sacred and not to be taken lightly or that they are not trivial like these silly little phrases. Brandon explained to her that sometimes people are trying to be close to Heavenly Father by being silly like that. She was still not amused. She also took it upon herself to let our neighbor girl (who she plays with a lot) that we like to call God, Heavenly Father and she should too. I told Darby we call Him God also and she replied, "Yea mom, but that is very sacred and really only for special occasions or something like that". She is such a big girl and when ever I worry about her baptism interview she surprises me with comments like these showing her love for her Father in Heaven and her Savior. What a great example!


Kimberly said...

I LOVE that kid!!! It's so crazy to me that she is that big now...that she knows her Heavenly Father & obviously strives after the things that please him. I'm so grateful for her & the example that she sets. You guys are doing good work over there (as parents & examples yourselves)at the Jeffords house. Luv you guys :)

Amy said...

Hey Suzy,

I viewed your blog and loved seeing pictures of your family. AND, Amy's Song was playing from your playlist. It was a pleasant little journey. Thanks. Take good care. Love, Amy