Dashel, Dashel, Dashel!

Dash LOVES to pose for the camera! Sometimes he will just come to wherever I am and ask for a picture or two of himself! He will say "Oh mom, this is so cute. Take a picture!" He always keeps us laughing though with the best poses and the very best faces! He is truly a Jeffords! Some of his poses are very very tuff and manly ! Some of them he chooses to dress up like Elton John! Not so tuff or manly!
And some he chooses not to get dressed at all! (He really just went to the potty and ditched his undies because he was afraid I would make the muffins with out him. I was putting out a different fire and came back to a naked muffin helper.....needless to say I chose to eat cereal this morning!)


The Parkers said...

Cute little bunnies!

Kimberly said...

OOOhhhh!! That child has a cute tushy...I think I need to punt him across the room. Since I'm not there can you take care of that for me & just tell him that's from "Aunt Kinkin"...Thanks ;)

Dane and Natalie said...

Nice to see he still had that ghetto booty. It is so squeezable and bootylicious!