Music! Music! Music!

I know, I know, you all told me not to do the music thing but it was just too tempting! I HATE getting on a blog and hearing someones favorite rap song or something funky I would never listen to. It wasn't until Natalie's blog that I loved the play list thing! I found myself logging on to her blog just to listen to her sweet tunes! I tried to create a "mood" to go with the blog reading! I guess what I am saying is, if you don't like it turn it down or use the pause button! :) BUT if you want to hear some really cool, relaxing, different, amazing songs then sit back and enjoy! (Sorry Hil) :P


Dane and Natalie said...

I love your music. I think music says a lot about a person so I always like to see and hear what songs people have on their blog. I think I might have to steal some of your songs, though. I love ya!

Hil said...

I'll TRY to get over it.

I said try.


P.S. Love the sidebar pics of the 3 Jeffordians.

Dani's Blog said...

Love the kermit one!!!!