Our Beckham Blazers!

The kids got their new school spirit shirts and were ready to wear them on "spirit Friday". Dash didn't want to be left out so he is wearing Darby's last year shirt. It looked a lot like a night shirt on him but it matched the other kids because the shirts ran big this year. Next Friday is "Super Spirit Friday"! That day you wear your shirt and you can buy candy and soda after school. Guess who's mom sells the super spirit candy? That's right! ME! It was tons of fun to see my kids come up to the line and brag that their mom was the lady selling the candy this year. I am in charge of the kindergarten door booth. (You can also buy over by the 5th grade doors). Dash is my helper, but he really spends more than he helps! As you can see in the picture though he has a lot of "Beckham Spirit"!


Sharlynn said...

Cute kids. What school spirit! So I still can't tell. Did you move?

Chad or Lisa Meyer said...

So sweet. I love the picture. By the way great music selection.