company coming!

Nat and Tiff were coming for a visit and I was wanting all things to be perfect. I even cleaned the fridge! Something that doesn't get done often enough! I took a photo so that those of you that haven't seen it this way can see it at least once! :)In the cleaning process I had some helpers!
They think they are hilarious! I just like what they are all wearing. I don't even remember what time of day this is! Is it bed time? Pre-bath time? Where are their pants and shirts? What is going on in this house?

A day at the park!

We walked over to a park near our house a few weeks ago on a Saturday! Tons of fun! Max is always ready to play with Juliet! He is such a good big brother!
What do you do when you have 2 babies the same age at the park? Squish them into the same swing! Malorie and Juliet! Max loved pushing the babies in a swing!
Darby, Dash and Caleb. (Caleb is Kat and Steve's little boy!)
Juliet is now RESTING her head on Malorie. Malorie was such a good sport the whole time!
Malorie didn't hate the swing but this was as close as I was going to get to a smile! She is a really happy girl! Maybe Juliet's ghetto booty was taking up all the swing!
Juliet loved every second of it!

Valentine's Party!

Every year in Tx. we would have a Valentine Playgroup party! I tried to recreate that for Dash this year in L.A. He was really excited to invite a couple friends over to play and exchange Valentines. Juliet got a hold of a lick a stick packet. You can't see it very well but she was BLUE everywhere! Needless to say she enjoyed the party. Darby happened to be home that day so she got to decorate with us.
Dash LOVED eating all his candies. Since there were only 4 boys total they kind of raked it the candy!
Pink cookie of course!
The gang! Kim Cannon and Tommy. Tarynn Stephens and her boys Gavin and Kaden and of course Dash!

Max's birthday party!

We celebrated Max's birthday at Chuckee Cheese! (I can't decide how I feel about that place.) He LOVED it! He invited one buddy and his uncles. (that is who he wanted....so cute) Uncle Jamie had to work but he called him and Max liked that. Uncle Tim came and gave him a Game Stop gift card! He loved that! Here is Max with his buddy Cameron and Cameron's sister Hope. Thanks Cameron and Hope for the Star Wars Legos. Both Max and Brandon were happy with that! :)

Chuckee took time out of his busy day to come over and see the birthday boy and his peeps!

Birthday wishes! (Yea I took my own cake!)
Goof Balls!
We love Max!


country music ya'll

Yea I like it! I have since I was little! I love Eddie Rabbit and Don Williams, Kenny Rodgers, Garth Brooks, Reba MacIntire (sp?), Lori Morgan AND the best of all Dolly Parton! To name a few! Why this post? I just watched the CMA's! It threw me into memories of my past. Good and Bad memories, fun and sad ones! Man can the twang take you places! There were 2 things I was most impressed with though on the good ol' CMA's! First I loved their support and appreciation for each other and their craft! I saw people (country singers) crying when Carrie Underwood preformed a beautiful song, appreciating Reba's song, cheering on a young Taylor Swift and barely able to speak when they introduced Brooks and Dunn's last performance on CMA's! Second, they LOVE Jesus Christ! I don't think one of them didn't thank the Lord and their Savior Jesus Christ for their talents and success! They were public and passionate about it. No lip service there!

SO yea! I like country music!
(have you ever heard Joey and Rory's song "no good white trash ho" I am sorry but that is just good stuff! ) :)


Bend over Bacon!

So when we went to Utah Dash and Darby got to have a sleepover with Miss Natalie and their bestest friends. While they were there Dash needed some assistance in the rest room! (Sorry Nat!) While in there he told Nat "my mom says to me 'bend over bacon'!" So Nat obliged and said it for him. (Thanks Nat!) Then when the business was done he said to her "Now my mom pinches my buns and says I have a delicious booty!" Nat just laughed and he went on his way!

I had no idea he took this stuff in! I do say that every time! I am not sure if the ritual is cute or creepy but it is ours so if I have to do the wipin' then I get to do the pinchin' too! :)

SO fast forward 2 weeks. I am doing dishes in my work out clothes and he comes up behind me and tries to BITE my butt! I hear him say through gritted teeth with fierce angst "I just got to get me a piece of that big ol' booty!" Then he smacked my butt and ran off to play! It all happened so fast I just stood there with soggy hands and a big ol' booty! I couldn't even call him back to talk to him about it!

Time to stop taking my aggression out on his delicious booty! If any of you have seen it you would understand!

Is it a RAT?

NO Rat! Just Juliet! We heard a scurrying noise in the kitchen one night AFTER baths! We went in to check on the noise and......here she is telling us to go away after we busted her! This is her before she noticed we were watching. She was being REALLY quiet too. It was hilarious to see her try to be sneaky!
She realized right NOW that she was busted!
May as well go for as many more as I can before they put this and that random onion back! :)

more Baby Jeremy!

I just loved this cute little picture of Jeremy! Here he is after his first bath! I got to give him his first bath! SO sweet! He loved the warm water and was so snuggly and sweet and smelled so yummy after!

Juliet and her Bro's!

Juliet LOVES her brothers! She loves to get into whatever they are doing ESPECIALLY when they are playing video games. She has NO idea what to do but loves to get a hold of a controller if they will let her! If they are to wrapped up in the game and will show her no attention OR will not hand over a controller then she tries to win them over with love! (this is a scene we walk into often, and if they are not to consumed they usually love her back.....Max is always consumed!) :)
BUT if they ignore her then she resorts to getting their attention in other ways! Don't worry she can hold her own in making sure she gets her time on the playstation! :)
NOTE : No one, not even her, is taking their eyes off the screen! :)

tiny Baby Jermey

This was a while ago when Baby Jeremy was a little newer to the family and they all came over for a dinner. I think this was the first time the kids got to see him! Max and Dash were really in love with this little guy! Here is Max singing Baby Jeremy a song! SO cute!
Jeremy's TINY little footsie!
Max and Dash couldn't get enough of him! Even today, a few months later, they are the first to greet him when they come over!
Such a sweet little blessing!



I don't know if it's because I have overtrained my body this week or because I have a huge to do list and I just want to go to bed OR pms OR because I see other moms doing so much and still holding it together when I am losing it OR all of the above! Today I want to "flop" and cry and kick (or not kick because I am too sore) and eat a chocolate donut! I am REALLY tired and really sore and have no motivation to do anything in my home today. I want it to be clean and temple like but that would entail forcing the kids to do their jobs on a day when they came home late from school with TONS of homework and in the same mood as mommy. Either I can do EVERYTHING and teach them NOTHING or the night can end with tears and anger and lessons learned. Is that how I want it done though? No. BUT I don't want to do it all by myself when I don't make all the messes and don't put away the last thing I played with! (says the 34 year old stomping her foot and sticking out her tongue!)

messy bedrooms riddled with toys that make you swear when you step on them.
dinner dishes.
unload dishwasher.
toys in livingroom that are NOT mine and some pajamas from this morning that I continue to step over because they are NOT mine either.
baths to be given (not mine again).
a new TKB round to be learned for a class tomorrow (so I have to learn it tonight and have put if off cause I AM SORE!).
can't find the remote for the dvd so I can learn my new round. (someone didn't put it where it belongs after using it!). NOT ME!
9 year old being SO sassy it makes me want to stab something with a fork OVER AND OVER AND OVER!
pee pee sheets to wash! (NOT MINE!)
whiny baby. (sort of me)
hubby working late.
pants are to tight. (don't get me started)
miss my friends.

I think I will be hosing kids off, putting dishes in my sink, stepping over the dirty pajamas for the rest of the night (or putting them back on the kid) learning the round and settling down for a diet coke and a cinnamon jolly rancher. (not a choc donut but better for my tight pants) Tomorrow will be better. Right?