I don't know if it's because I have overtrained my body this week or because I have a huge to do list and I just want to go to bed OR pms OR because I see other moms doing so much and still holding it together when I am losing it OR all of the above! Today I want to "flop" and cry and kick (or not kick because I am too sore) and eat a chocolate donut! I am REALLY tired and really sore and have no motivation to do anything in my home today. I want it to be clean and temple like but that would entail forcing the kids to do their jobs on a day when they came home late from school with TONS of homework and in the same mood as mommy. Either I can do EVERYTHING and teach them NOTHING or the night can end with tears and anger and lessons learned. Is that how I want it done though? No. BUT I don't want to do it all by myself when I don't make all the messes and don't put away the last thing I played with! (says the 34 year old stomping her foot and sticking out her tongue!)

messy bedrooms riddled with toys that make you swear when you step on them.
dinner dishes.
unload dishwasher.
toys in livingroom that are NOT mine and some pajamas from this morning that I continue to step over because they are NOT mine either.
baths to be given (not mine again).
a new TKB round to be learned for a class tomorrow (so I have to learn it tonight and have put if off cause I AM SORE!).
can't find the remote for the dvd so I can learn my new round. (someone didn't put it where it belongs after using it!). NOT ME!
9 year old being SO sassy it makes me want to stab something with a fork OVER AND OVER AND OVER!
pee pee sheets to wash! (NOT MINE!)
whiny baby. (sort of me)
hubby working late.
pants are to tight. (don't get me started)
miss my friends.

I think I will be hosing kids off, putting dishes in my sink, stepping over the dirty pajamas for the rest of the night (or putting them back on the kid) learning the round and settling down for a diet coke and a cinnamon jolly rancher. (not a choc donut but better for my tight pants) Tomorrow will be better. Right?


hannah ramsey said...

feel your pain. praying for you this week. love your honesty.

Alison said...

two words: paper plates.
everything else can wait. wish i was there to help.

Kaela said...

I think it has been one of those weeks...crying and pouting about how unfair it is that I have to be an adult...at least there's diet coke in the fridge :)

Shake-N-Bake said...

I love your posts! You are real! All those other moms are pulling out their hair too, they just hide it . . . they don't want the rest of us to know! All we be well! Get some sleep, everything else can wait!

Mandie said...

I LOVE you!! You make me smile. =)

Patti said...

Ahhhh. I had a friend whose mom said that you won't know where you limit is until you get there. You'll know and you'll find balance (just in time to have to get re-balanced and adjust to the next change;)

Patti said...

Okay, so the comment I just posted actually applies to the post on the 30th where you are talking about where your limits are and where to draw lines. But, if you can apply what I said to this post and it makes sense, cool.