country music ya'll

Yea I like it! I have since I was little! I love Eddie Rabbit and Don Williams, Kenny Rodgers, Garth Brooks, Reba MacIntire (sp?), Lori Morgan AND the best of all Dolly Parton! To name a few! Why this post? I just watched the CMA's! It threw me into memories of my past. Good and Bad memories, fun and sad ones! Man can the twang take you places! There were 2 things I was most impressed with though on the good ol' CMA's! First I loved their support and appreciation for each other and their craft! I saw people (country singers) crying when Carrie Underwood preformed a beautiful song, appreciating Reba's song, cheering on a young Taylor Swift and barely able to speak when they introduced Brooks and Dunn's last performance on CMA's! Second, they LOVE Jesus Christ! I don't think one of them didn't thank the Lord and their Savior Jesus Christ for their talents and success! They were public and passionate about it. No lip service there!

SO yea! I like country music!
(have you ever heard Joey and Rory's song "no good white trash ho" I am sorry but that is just good stuff! ) :)


Mandie said...

Ahhh Suzy! I love ya! My grandma used to listen to the old coutry when I was little, my brain is full of Johnny Cash, George Jones....my parents even took ,me to see Johnny Cash when I was 2 weeks old! =) Love the white trash song, tho my fav this week is still Chicken Fried! Miss ya!

Hil said...

My favorite country singer is Colin Raye. Always will be! "Love, Me", "One Boy, One Girl", "Not that Different" and "That was a River" are my faves. :)