Bend over Bacon!

So when we went to Utah Dash and Darby got to have a sleepover with Miss Natalie and their bestest friends. While they were there Dash needed some assistance in the rest room! (Sorry Nat!) While in there he told Nat "my mom says to me 'bend over bacon'!" So Nat obliged and said it for him. (Thanks Nat!) Then when the business was done he said to her "Now my mom pinches my buns and says I have a delicious booty!" Nat just laughed and he went on his way!

I had no idea he took this stuff in! I do say that every time! I am not sure if the ritual is cute or creepy but it is ours so if I have to do the wipin' then I get to do the pinchin' too! :)

SO fast forward 2 weeks. I am doing dishes in my work out clothes and he comes up behind me and tries to BITE my butt! I hear him say through gritted teeth with fierce angst "I just got to get me a piece of that big ol' booty!" Then he smacked my butt and ran off to play! It all happened so fast I just stood there with soggy hands and a big ol' booty! I couldn't even call him back to talk to him about it!

Time to stop taking my aggression out on his delicious booty! If any of you have seen it you would understand!


Erin said...

That is hilarious!!!

Dane and Natalie said...

Love it, love it, love it. I don't mind wiping butts if it's going to be that entertaining. :)