We are HERE!

Well, we are here! I am still on the fence with how I feel about it. So far we are enjoying the house and the pool! We just have the office to unpack and then I can get caught up with all the fun blogging (not face booking) that I have to do. All the way back to Dash's B day! My parents will be here tomorrow for a couple days! They will leave my niece and nephew for a week and then I will drive them home to Utah next Friday. I get to visit friends and family for a week then head home to Cali. (that still doesn't sound right). The next weekend I get to go to Vegas for a girls weekend with Tiff and Nat and our kiddos.... (sorry to Chris while we all invade their home!) I am looking forward to exploring and having a fun rest of the summer before things get really crazy! Still haven't found a gym to teach at but with my traveling adventures I think that will have to wait! I miss ya'll in Texas! Pictures coming soon!