Company coming!

I am soooo excited that 2 of my best friends are coming for a visit! I have been planning and cleaning and cleaning a planning! It is just for a weekend but I know they will lift me up and make me a better person after just 2 days! As I was cleaning things that haven't been cleaned in a LONG time I thought to myself WHY? Why am I franticly scrubbing my fridge, oven and microwave for 2 women who have seen me nurse my babies, have moved PILES of unfolded laundry on my couch to sit down, seen me "ugly cry", wiped my babies bums, smelled my sweat, heard me fart, vacuumed my home for me, and so many more yuckier moments in my life? I know that they will not judge me if my fridge is sticky (since the day I moved in) or my microwave has Thanksgiving remnants in it. When I started cleaning it was because I didn't want them to see the "ugly" in my life, when I finished cleaning and thought of the memories we have shared, good and bad, I was cleaning because I loved them! A toast of diet coke and chocolate 7-11 donuts to: raisins on the carpet for over a month, dirty toilets, purple carpet, houses that smell like incents, dirty fridges, torn kitchen wall paper, pounding on your back window to get you to work out, running naked dragging a hanger and crappy Halloween plates (ouch), mommy weekends, stupid husbands, kids that make you swear, picking up the pieces no one else wants to touch, and many more memories to come! I love you Nat and Tiff and can't wait to see you both! :)


Quote of the day

Max: "And I was just walking along and Gabriella came up and pushed me down and said 'I would play with you if you were a girl!', then she walked away!"
Mom: "Well maybe that means she likes you."
Max: "No she doesn't cause Meowish likes me and we play shooting each other cause she is kind of like a boy but she said I was her boyfriend and I am not!"

Oh to be young and have recess problems again! (I am going to continue telling myself that Meowish is a family name!)


the sounds of boys

while playing "guys" ....... "then I punched you in the head" "then we rolled in a ball and we were not dead" "this is our force field" (GIRLS VOICE) "hiiiiii" (giggles) "then we peed on you" (more giggles) "Princess Leia save me" "I'll go get up there and punch him off the pee ship and punch him into China or space" "Do you want me to wear my helmet on or not?" "It makes me fly" "Then he squirted water out his body and you said Wow." "wow" "Wait for me!" "You can be him now." "psssssssssss" (peeing noise) "adhfahghaghaodi9rua;sdfk" (fake Chinese)

I could type their playing all night! They are hilarious! I know I should stop the "potty" humor but it is just pee.....right? They giggle through the peeing and the kissing the bride who inevitably gets punched or her head cut off! I love when they get a long and I love when they play imagination! My favorite is when they tell each other what to say and the other person says it! I remember doing that with my little brother! I will intervene if the potty humor turns to #2! (ha ha) Maybe I should go play with them! :)


Be Mine?

Neither of us were expecting much for Valentine's day this year. Suzy even told me not to worry about it. That's actually a special code that some women use to say - Surprise me. So I tried. But midway through the day when I hadn't given here anything yet she said, a bit disappointed, " I thought you might at least get me a card or something." Well, here it is. I hope it brightens your day and tells you what I think of you. Fifty years from now when my fingers are too arthritic to even pick up a guitar, this is the way I'll feel about you. I love you Suzy!


Mary Poppins

Darby had the opportunity to go see "Mary Poppins" on Broadway when it came here to L.A. She went with her achievement day girls from church and their leader! She was so excited that day! She took a nap because she knew they would be out late! They didn't get home til after midnight and she couldn't stop talking about the play because she was so excited! She looked so grown up when she got all dressed and ready! I'm so proud of what a big girl she is becoming! (I just need to figure out how to get the red eye off my camera so she doesn't look like a vampire! I guess vampires are "in" right now!

Baby Jeremy!

This is my cute, tiny, new nephew....Baby Jeremy Mitchel Jeffords! Marilynn and Jamie (Brandon's brother) had their baby on January 6th! He was a tiny little dude only 4 lbs 5 oz, full term! He's as long as my hand with a little tiny head on it! He is soooo sweet all ready! His little outfit is HUGE on him and it is just a new born size! I have never held a baby this little!
Jeremy is named after Brandon's little brother Jeremy that was killed in a car accident over 13 years ago. This little dude has big shoes to fill with this name! Jeremy was hilarious and thoughtful, quick witted and loved fiercely! What a special honor to have his name!

More SOUR!?!?!?

The fam decided to try Max's favorite sour candies all together! I grabbed the camera and away we went....again! You would think they would learn their lesson but Max seems to LOVE them! I love Max and Dash's faces when they first pop it in! Dash isn't to sure about how he feels about his choice to participate! You can see the pain working on everyone else!
Dash has taken his out and is now reconsidering this choice. (I love how he looks at B like Brandon made him do this....he looks totally disgusted!) Darby and Max and Daddy are holding strong though!
Dash has decided to ponder the candy and see if it really is a piece of candy!
Getting up.....
Candy in the trash!
Everyone else still hanging on by a thread!
Dash is pleased with his decision...the others are still working and Darby is trying not to cry.
Almost there.....
Ahhhh the candy is good now! Dash is coming back with a bowl of m&m's because he wants to try this experiment with "good candy"! He is a clever kid!

Rat Babies

I said I would NEVER be the mom who let her kids dress in miss -matched clothes, wear pants that were too small to church with white socks or no socks, and have dirty shirts! EVER! Well now I understand why sometimes that happens! Dash put on pants that I thought would fit and he was very proud. White socks. Tennies. Church. I tried to fight it but I had to let it go. Next week the pants were gone and I learned a lesson to not judge when I see kids with dirty faces, runny noses, clothes too small. Sometimes it is just an over look on mommies part or letting her kids be grown up! I wish my kids were NEVER "rat babies" but alas sometimes we are all a little "Rat baby"!

Dirty face! You can't see her rat baby hair but she wouldn't let me fix it or take it out so we had to go to the store this way so it didn't get to late to go at all! (yes we did go in jammies)
Tanner was the only one this day not being a rat baby! These pants are too small for Dash and even though we were just going to the park, I had to let it go and get rid of them after the park!
There is no excuse for this Rat baby because she has parents that get her dressed. All I can say is daddy! I wish you could see her dirty sand eating face better! True Rat baby at it's best! (I think the pants and shirt are 2 different shades of pink too!) Nice hair! ?
The only reason this dude is a rat baby is because he is eating candy before breakfast and I think he is only wearing a t-shirt! (JUST a t-shirt!) This is after I washed his face!


Juliet LOVED eating spaghetti by herself! She was all ready a mess so we let her top it off with a choc. chip cookie!



We got to celebrate New Year's with one of our Best buddies, Tanner Thomas! While he was here we did tons of fun things! Some of them were a little crazy!

One of Max's favorite candies are "Extreme Sour Heads"! I love to snap pictures as fast as I can when he eats them. He and Tanner decided to eat one together! It is HILARIOUS!

Right when they pop it in there mouths! It makes my jaw tight and my mouth water just to look at the pictures! Max: "Oh, My ears are ringing"
Tanner: "this is stupid man!"
Max: "If I hide my eyes they can't see me cry"
Tanner: "I'm gonna cry man!"
Max: "Hallelujah these are strong!"
Tanner: "Just breath through your mouth and it will be ok!"
Tanner: "whew, It's gettin me right in that spot!"
Tanner: "Dude, I'm gonna puke!"
Max: "It's almost over! Just hang on!"
Tanner: "How did I let you talk me into this?"
Max: "I almost got this!"
All the sour is gone! Now it's the sweet! What a fun ride!

Happy Happy Birthday Max B Dear!

Our Max turns 7 today! He is soooo big! I can't believe that he is all ready 7! He is a great big brother and Loves life!
Daddy said: "I love his intensity for life and his curiosity and creativity. I love his sense of humor and his contagious laugh!"

Darby said: "He likes playing petshops with me. He named my Barbie Sparkle and he loves me!"
Dash said: "He's gonna get the freeze guy from Crash on Playstation for me. He's really good at video games!"

Mommy said: "He's spiritual. He's a great speller! He loves SO much it hurts!"

Juliet said: "He dances in front of me to make me laugh! He hugs me A LOT!

We love you Max B! You are the best Max ever!

The end of 2009!

Happy New Year! We had a few friends over on New Years eve for some Kareoke and munchies! SO much fun! The best way to end a year! Kat Badget, Ireland, Marilyn, and Domenique!
Max made it to the New Year and had a bit of the bubbly (fake) with daddy!
Me, Anna Giles, and Kat!
Steve Badget and Kaleb!
Happy New Year friends and family! Here is to another great year!