We got to celebrate New Year's with one of our Best buddies, Tanner Thomas! While he was here we did tons of fun things! Some of them were a little crazy!

One of Max's favorite candies are "Extreme Sour Heads"! I love to snap pictures as fast as I can when he eats them. He and Tanner decided to eat one together! It is HILARIOUS!

Right when they pop it in there mouths! It makes my jaw tight and my mouth water just to look at the pictures! Max: "Oh, My ears are ringing"
Tanner: "this is stupid man!"
Max: "If I hide my eyes they can't see me cry"
Tanner: "I'm gonna cry man!"
Max: "Hallelujah these are strong!"
Tanner: "Just breath through your mouth and it will be ok!"
Tanner: "whew, It's gettin me right in that spot!"
Tanner: "Dude, I'm gonna puke!"
Max: "It's almost over! Just hang on!"
Tanner: "How did I let you talk me into this?"
Max: "I almost got this!"
All the sour is gone! Now it's the sweet! What a fun ride!

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Alison said...

Oh, yeah, I can see where every kid would love eating one of those.