Happy Happy Birthday Max B Dear!

Our Max turns 7 today! He is soooo big! I can't believe that he is all ready 7! He is a great big brother and Loves life!
Daddy said: "I love his intensity for life and his curiosity and creativity. I love his sense of humor and his contagious laugh!"

Darby said: "He likes playing petshops with me. He named my Barbie Sparkle and he loves me!"
Dash said: "He's gonna get the freeze guy from Crash on Playstation for me. He's really good at video games!"

Mommy said: "He's spiritual. He's a great speller! He loves SO much it hurts!"

Juliet said: "He dances in front of me to make me laugh! He hugs me A LOT!

We love you Max B! You are the best Max ever!

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Brandon said...

Those of you who don't know what "killings" are need to observe Max. He gets them all the time. Killings are when you love something with so much intensity you have the urge to hurt it. (is usually accompanied by small convulsions and clenching of teeth) Think "Lenny" from "Of Mice and Men". Suzy and I get them a lot but nobody expresses them outwardly as well as Max. There's a lot of love in that little guy.