the sounds of boys

while playing "guys" ....... "then I punched you in the head" "then we rolled in a ball and we were not dead" "this is our force field" (GIRLS VOICE) "hiiiiii" (giggles) "then we peed on you" (more giggles) "Princess Leia save me" "I'll go get up there and punch him off the pee ship and punch him into China or space" "Do you want me to wear my helmet on or not?" "It makes me fly" "Then he squirted water out his body and you said Wow." "wow" "Wait for me!" "You can be him now." "psssssssssss" (peeing noise) "adhfahghaghaodi9rua;sdfk" (fake Chinese)

I could type their playing all night! They are hilarious! I know I should stop the "potty" humor but it is just pee.....right? They giggle through the peeing and the kissing the bride who inevitably gets punched or her head cut off! I love when they get a long and I love when they play imagination! My favorite is when they tell each other what to say and the other person says it! I remember doing that with my little brother! I will intervene if the potty humor turns to #2! (ha ha) Maybe I should go play with them! :)

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cheri said...

Absolutely...play with them! But no #2 potty humor. :)